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Zones are the maps/levels of Dead Maze. Once you progress far enough in the game, you can access the map to travel between them at will from the bike. Each zone has 2 or more bikes; one where you spawn, and others elsewhere in the map (only for leaving).

Once you interact with someone in a zone (even if you don't take anything from it), once you leave the zone / log out you will not be able to interact with it again until the zone resets. All zones reset at 5am UTC .

All zones have a few secret passages which can be explored for better loot. Like anything else on the map, these containers can only be opened once a day and resets when everything else does.

When you die, a skull will appear next to the zone you died in to help prevent you from losing your bag.

Interactive worldmap[]

18th, Lakeview LaneSurvivors' campSacramento SuburbsBodega BayDowntown Santa RosaMazon CollegeSunset MallWalker RiverArizona Jurassic MuseumHighway 99, South Fallon 6B exitBlue MesaWorldMap test.png
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Quest only[]

Adventure / expedition zones[]

See the main page for a list of zones and quest descriptions.

Old / Unused / Special zones[]

These zones aren't normally accessible, either due to being removed, never added, or only being accessable under certain circumstances, such as a quest.

These can be found in the translation file around here.

  • #16 - Farmlands
  • #17 - Graveyard
  • #18 - Heart of the forest
  • #19 - Countryside road
  • #20 - Residential area
  • #21 - The coast
  • #22 - Abandoned ruins
  • #23 - The mobs' lair
  • #25 - Continue the expedition

Next few are around here.

  • #40 - The festival
  • #36 - The camping
  • #37 - Forest Road
  • #41 - The Resort
  • #42 - The valley
  • #43 - The skirmish

Last few are scattered around

  • #50 - Augusta County's road[1]
  • #51 - Dojo[2]
  • #64 - Wood[3]
  • #65 - Museum's second floor[4]
  • #68 - Desert island[5]
  • #71 - Camp's entrance[6]