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Wood is a common resource that is used in many useful recipes, as well as needed in a lot of camp buildings in large amounts.


Salvaging chairs and stools is the leading means of obtaining wood resource because of their wide availability in certain maps and they cost a relatively small amount of Rest/Stamina/Fire points to pick up, compared to other items made with wood.

A great zone for collecting wood giving items is Mazon College due to the large amount of chairs. The same applies for the Sacramento Public Library in the «South district», the Bibi-Too Café in «The alley of settlements» of the Sacramento Suburbs (north of Amber Reid) and the Perfume of the Past preschool directly under the Condemned car dealership in Downtown Santa Rosa. Another good, though not so reliable, source of chairs is the Auction House Secret Passage in Arizona Jurassic Museum. Another great source is logs, which can be found searching the trash/recycling, desks, and shelves.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10 + 5 (x0-1) Log icon.png Log
10 Materials crate icon.png Materials crate
6 Bar stool icon.png Bar stool
5 Baseball bat icon.png Baseball bat
5 Broom icon.png Broom
5 Studded baseball bat icon.png Studded baseball bat
4 Axe icon.png Axe
4 Guitar icon.png Guitar
4 Mace icon.png Mace
4 Pitchfork icon.png Pitchfork
3 Fishing rod icon.png Fishing rod
3 Fireman axe icon.png Fireman axe
3 Paddle icon.png Paddle
3 Rake icon.png Rake
3 Spear icon.png Spear
3 Stool icon.png Stool
3 Temporary wood protection icon.png Temporary wood protection
3 Wooden plank icon.png Wooden plank
2 Advanced fire starter icon.png Advanced fire starter
2 Billard cue icon.png Billard cue
2 Bow icon.png Bow
2 Coat rack icon.png Coat rack
2 Flute icon.png Flute
2 Modern painting icon.png Modern painting
2 Plunger icon.png Plunger
2 Rolling pin icon.png Rolling pin
2 Skateboard icon.png Skateboard
2 Spiked Club icon.png Spiked club
2 Table icon.png Table
2 Torch icon.png Torch
2 Wooden cane icon.png Wooden cane
2 Wood chair icon.png Wooden chair
1 Bar chair icon.png Bar chair
1 Basic fire starter icon.png Basic fire starter
1 Boomerang icon.png Boomerang
1 Bowling skittle icon.png Bowling skittle
1 Chair leg icon.png Chair leg
1 Coat hanger icon.png Coat hanger
1 Fire starter icon.png Fire starter
1 Hairbrush icon.png Hairbrush
1 Hammer icon.png Hammer
1 Hatchet icon.png Hatchet
1 Machete icon.png Machete
1 Maracas icon.png Maracas
1 Matches icon.png Matches
1 Mop icon.png Mop
1 Nature painting icon.png Nature painting
1 Pickaxe icon.png Pickaxe
1 Saw icon.png Saw
1 Screwdriver icon.png Screwdriver
1 Scrub icon.png Scrub
1 Shovel icon.png Shovel
1 Sickle icon.png Sickle
1 Skewer icon.png Skewer
1 Violin icon.png Violin


Kitchen stove.png Kitchen stove - Add to cook fire for 10 Fire fire.

Camp buildings: