Dead Maze Wiki

The water tank is a camp building that is used to store Resource-drinking water.png drinking water, Resource-dirty water.png dirty water, and Resource-toxic water.png toxic water. With each additional water tank you built, extra storage space is granted. Please note that all water tanks share the same value of water stored, therefore if you have two water tanks both at 40, then you only have 40 water, not 80.

If you salvage an item that gives water when you're already at the max, any "cleaner" water will replace the dirtiest kind you have, assuming you have any (so dirty will replace toxic, and clean will replace toxic and then dirty).

If you have 5 or more of a specific type of water, you can retrieve a water bottle of the corresponding type (Drinking water bottle icon.png Drinking water bottle, Bottle of dirty water icon.png Bottle of dirty water, Toxic water bottle icon.png Toxic water bottle) by clicking the icon while the water tank is open, although this will cost 5 of the resource type clicked. The quality of the bottle given will always be average.

Level Materials Required Storage Cap
1 Initially Available 20
2 120Plastic 60Scrap metal15Screw 40
3 200Plastic 100Scrap metal25Screw 60
4 280Plastic 140Scrap metal35Screw 80 (max)