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Walker River is a fairly small zone with lots of empty space, and is the only zone that only has 2 secret passages. It's a great source of Fuel Fuel and fishing, mainly due to there being two gas stations with items that provide fuel and multiple fishing spots along both sides of the river.

Secret passages[]

  • Cliffside Railway - Follow the river all the way to the end on the west side and hit Route 66. Follow the road west until the first southward fork and follow it until it hits a cliff and then go in the entrance by the parking lot to the north. The crate can be found by following the edge of the cliff to the other end.
  • Wrecking Yard - (Colloquially known as the impound lot); from the spawn head southwest past the grocery store until you see an American flag; go down this passage and you'll hit the road. Go down the road until you see a gated impound lot. It'll be one of the first areas on the southeast side. The crate is in the last room of the southern building.

Strategy table blueprint[]

Strategy table (damaged).png

The blueprints found here will unlock the strategy table (see page for locations). The blueprints look like a map.

Side missions[]

Lily Chambers.png

Lily Chambers

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep
Lily Chambers location.png
Location: South of the motel where the highway forks south, on the north side of the road near a campfire.
Objective: Kill 40 infecteds on the east side of the road.

Note: There is a Bike.png bike to the north west of the campfire for easily leaving the map.

Jenny Holden.png

Jenny Holden

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Jenny Holden location.png
Location: Inside the weather station.
Objective: Kill 3 types of infecteds with a Camera icon.png camera: Catapult, Protector and Puker (killing the protector by killing nearby zombies counts).

You can find 2 camera in the building she's in. Normal zombies also have a chance to give cameras as a quest drop (green loot bag).

Dylan Black.png

Dylan Black

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Dylan Black location.png
Location: Next to an old truck east of the motel along the fence.
Objective: Deal PDM 1.png 1300 fire damage within the motel's area.

You can find a Lighter icon.png Lighter on a picnic bench near the motel and another in the north western most motel room if you need a fire damaging weapon.

Jordan Lion.png

Jordan Lion

Reward: Experience.png 3600, Reputation.png 9 Rep
Jordan Lion location.png
Location: Alongside the east side of the river east of the main bridge (near the end of the river).
Objective: Kill 125 infecteds on this side of the river, as well as retrieve a Fishing rod icon.png fishing rod

Infecteds have a high chance to drop one during the quest, keep an eye out for a green loot bag!

Shelton Jr..png

Shelton Jr.

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Shelton Jr. location.png
Location: At the Bike.png bike northwest of Lily Chamber's unlit Campfire, near a Green van and the Gun bag.
Objective: Salvage Fuel 20 fuel

There is plenty of fuel in the gas station just northeast of this area. Go southeast of the gas station by the Motel, you'll find him fixing the brown van.

Herman Bentley.png

Herman Bentley

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Herman Bentley location.png
Location: Sitting in the middle of the diagonal stone and wood bridge, north of Jordan Lion.
Objective: Salvage Salt 10 salt

While on this quest, infected will have a chance to drop crab, which can be salvaged for a chance to get salt, and you can also fish in the nearby fishing spots for various fish. Talk to him again when done.


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