Vegetables are a common resource primarily used in cooking and research projects.


While fairly common, it is a hard to purposefully collect resource since it has very few set locations (many of which are commonly expired) and most of these spread out. The best way to collect items that give it is to search everything in a map since food items are somewhat common. Bodega Bay is a good zone for this (especially since it has lots of mushrooms).

While it would seem farming would be a great source of vegetables, it's a fairly mediocre source as even when you are lucky enough to get the right plant, each one will at most give you 5, and commonly only gives 3. It's still advised to grow vegetable plants however to slowly build up your vegetable reserves.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
15 Farmer's Basket icon Farmer's Basket
10 Humanitarian goods icon Humanitarian goods
2 Bouillabaisse icon Bouillabaisse
2 Brown mushrooms icon Brown mushrooms
2 + 1 (x0-2) Canned vegetables icon Canned vegetables
2 Carrot icon Carrot
2 Cucumber icon Cucumber
2-3 Jar of vegetables icon Jar of vegetables
2 Leek icon Leek
2 Onion icon Onion
2 Rice salad icon Rice salad
2 Salad icon Salad
2 + 1 Skewer vegetables icon Skewer vegetables
2 Tomato icon Tomato
1 Baby Food icon Baby Food
1 Fish and Chips icon Fish and Chips
1 (x1-2) French fries icon French fries
1 Hamburger icon Hamburger
1 Hot pepper icon Hot pepper
1 Mixed salad icon Mixed salad
1 Pizza icon Pizza
1 Red mushroom icon Red mushroom
1 Small fried vegetables icon Small fried vegetables
1 Yellow mushroom icon Yellow mushroom