Toxic water is found in various items, and is usually only needed in research projects. You need to own a water tank in order to store toxic water.


Toxic water is a bit hard to get purposefully. The best source of drinking water is toxic water bottles, which are most easily found in Water cooler water coolers and in the white file cabinets in the Sacramento Suburbs delta 9 elevator room (upstairs). Fountain pens are also a decent source, as while they don't give much they are common and also have a chance to give precious ore. Dye is a decent source if you salvage a lot of food in your backpack, but is unpredictable to get.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
5 Dart gun icon Dart gun
3 + 1 Toxic water bottle icon Toxic water bottle
2 Bleach icon Bleach
2 Dye icon Dye
1 Fountain pen icon Fountain pen
1 Laundry detergent icon Laundry detergent
1 Shampoo icon Shampoo


Research projects - random values

Toxic water bottle icon Toxic water bottle - open water tank and click this resource when you have at least 5 water of this type.