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Titles are unlockable words or phrases you can apply to your avatar. You start off with no title, and earn titles by performing specific goals. You can achieve as many titles as you want, but may only assign one at any time. Titles do not expire, are always kept when unlocked, and are displayed on your profile when you unlock them.


ID Name Achievement
0 No title You start with this
1 Adventurer Complete 10 Adventures or Expeditions
2 Model citizen Complete 30 daily missions
3 Peruvian Kill 20 infected Peruvians
5 Armored Equip a protection kit
6 Survivor Reach level 10
7 Veteran Reach level 30
8 Living legend Reach level 100
9 Dapper Reach maximum quality for each type of clothing gear
10 Strategist Kill 5 infected only with the explosion of an unstable infected
11 Opportunist Trigger an elemental combo 30 times
12 Good Samaritan Rescue another player
13 Animal lover Find a roommate (Building the chicken coop or goat pen)
14 Handyman Craft 30 items
15 Treasure hunter Open 30 Secret passage crate.png secret passage chests
16 Builder Build 30 buildings
17 Berzerk Reach level 5 Threat
28 Commando Complete 5 adventures or expeditions in maximum difficulty
29 Spooky Trade 200 Pumpkin (currency).png to Will O' Wis during Halloween
Undead Trade 500 Pumpkin (currency).png to Will O' Wis during Halloween

Steam only[]

ID Name Achievement
19 A fortunate encounter Complete the tutorial
20 Home, sweet home Find a place to settle
21 Gutless but well-intended Meet Jay
22 Fireworks Blow up a cafeteria
23 A few minutes too late... Find Egon
24 Outrunner's final ride Deal with the Outrunner with Jared
25 The edge of the chasm Find out what's threatening Lakeview
26 Unity is strength Party with other players
27 A few months to live? Witness an emergency meeting


  • "Adventurer" and "Commando" originally had the same ID by mistake, causing people to have a duplicate of the Adventurer title if they had both unlock.