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For effects caused by infecteds, weapon, or the environment, see status effect.

Symptom afflict only Players and trigger only after certain conditions.



ID Icon Name Condition Effect
2 Well fed symptom.png Well fed 90-120 Food and Water
  • +10% Bonus heal
4 Hungry symptom.png Hungry 10-39 Food
  • -10% Resistence
5 Starving symptom.png Starving 0-9 Food
  • -50% Resistence
10 Thirst symptom.png Thirst 10-39 Water
  • -10% Damage
11 Dehydration symptom.png Dehydration 0-9 Water
  • -30% Damage
  • +10% stun for 2seconds when taken hit
26 Fatigue symptom.png Fatigue 0-19 Rest
  • Stamina gain -10%
29 Knock-out symptom.png Knock-out 0 HP
  • Unable to move and interact after Death
34 One foot in the grave symptom.png One foot in the grave Second Chance used or
Threat level over 5
  • No second Chance
  • +50 max Health
43 Pain symptom.png Pain Second Chance used or
Inflicted by some Mobs?
  • -50% bonus heal


Food poisoning icon next to a player's name

ID Icon Name Condition Effect
33 Food poisoning symptom.png Food poisoning Eat expired food / water (not always? must be out of main campfire?)
  • -50% Critical chance
  • (hidden) Also cuts the food/water value you consume outside of campfire by half
7 Tipsy symptom.png Tipsy Drink 1 alcoholic drink
  • [Passive] Blind +5% (lowers your accuracy)
  • Text you type into the #room chat becomes slurred; random letters are quadrupled and some are replaced with "..."
50 Drunk symptom.png Drunk Drink 2 alcoholic drinks
  • [Passive] Blind +10% (lowers your accuracy)
  • Text you type into the #room chat becomes unintelligible; letters are switched around, randomly replaced, quadrupled, and replaced with "..."


Hunger and thirst symptoms are cured when your hunger/thirst meter go above their trigger level.

Similarly fatigue is cured by resting at a fire or in a bed.

"One foot in the grave" is cured either by triggering a rest at a fire (fire's fuel must be 50-100) or changing of map twice.

Pain is cured either by triggering a rest at a fire, or by drinking alcohol and clicking on an unlit fire while the animation is still playing. The "painkiller" effect will then trigger since you are at a fireplace. Simply drinking alcohol normally will not work.

Unused / Removed[]

You can find these in the translation files by looking at this link and replacing "NUM" with the number shown on the list.
  • #1) Healing
  • #3) A bit hungry - Mmh I'm starting to feel a bit hungry, I need to find some food.
  • #6) Dead starving - If I don't find food any time soon I won't make it!
  • #8) Septicemia - My body hurts. My blood is like fire in my veins.
  • #9) Light thirst - I'm a little thirsty.
  • #12) Dying of thirst - If I don't drink any time soon, I'm not going to make it. My vision is blurring, I can't think straight and I'm feeling really weak.
  • #24) Fever
  • #25) Headache
  • #27) Cough
  • #28) Vertigo
  • #30) Infection
  • #31) Chills
  • #32) Vomiting
  • #36) Numbness
  • #37) Weakness
  • #38) Injured symptom.png Injured - It hurts, but I will make it. I'll have to deal with it, though.
  • #40) Chest pain
  • #41) Shaking
  • #42) Drugs addiction - Everything feels tedious and painful. I need a boost.
  • #46) Bloody vomiting