Survivor mark

Survivor marks (commonly referred to as marks or SM) are a currency that are used to buy items from Lakeview. Unlike reputation which is used to purchase upgrades / content, survivor marks are used to buy various items and other repeatable purchases. Marks are also generally rarer than reputation.

Once you earn 200 marks, you cannot earn any more until you spend them. However you can have over 200 marks if you had less than 200 and then earned enough to get you over the limit.


Survivor marks can be earned from:


Use Cost
Sexe change Changing sex 50 marks from Johanna Bullock
Level 4 hairstyles 150 marks
Weapons Various from Sekou Iwume
Food items Various from Henry Collins


  • Marks use to be used to purchase a more wide array of content, such as level 4 clothing, some emotes, some skills (Skill 129 icon Stance: defense, Skill 32 icon Battle heal, Skill 157 icon The Punisher). This was later changed for all one time purchases to use rep, while survivor marks are used for repeatable purchases.