Sugar is a resource mostly used in Kitchen stove cooking. It's most common use is to make drinks (especially Energy drink icon energy drinks).


The easiest way to collect sugar is by salvaging soda and juice from Vending machine (red)Vending machine (blue) vending machines. You can also get sugar from farming. SP - Dailyneed Supermarket Freezer in Sunset Mall icon Sunset Mall has two fridges filled with drinks that can be salvaged for sugar.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
5 Candy dispenser icon Candy dispenser
5?% Farmer's Basket icon Farmer's Basket
1 Apple icon Apple
1?% Energy drink icon Energy drink
1 Soda can icon Soda can
1 Apple juice icon Apple juice
1 Banana icon Banana
1 Banana juice icon Banana juice
1 Canned peaches icon Canned peaches
1 Chocolate cake icon Chocolate cake
1 Cupcake icon Cupcake
1 Donut icon Donut
0-1 Fruit salad icon Fruit salad
1 Grape juice icon Grape juice
0-1 Grapes icon Grapes
1 Ice cream icon Ice cream
1 Lemon icon Lemon
1 Orange icon Orange
1 (x1-2) Orange juice icon Orange juice
1 Peach icon Peach
1 Peach juice icon Peach juice
0-1 Pear icon Pear
1 Pear juice icon Pear juice
0-1 Soda bottle icon Soda bottle
0-1 Farmer's Basket icon Stash of food
1 Strawberry cake icon Strawberry cake
1 Wine bottle icon Wine bottle