The strategy table is a camp building that offers a higher degree of challenge to the game, as well as additional benefits.

The purpose of the table is to provide certain buffs to the player, while also forcing a specific debuff for each option. Multiple options may be selected, giving every buff, but also every debuff.


You can see how many strategies a player is using based on the icon next to their name (or lack of icon if not using any).

1 2 3 4 5 6
Strategy level 1 Strategy level 2 Strategy level 3 Strategy level 4 Strategy level 5 Strategy level 6

Strategy Options and Draw BacksEdit

In addition to the drawbacks listed in the table below, each strategy taken increases zombie provocation towards you.

Name Benefits Drawbacks
Recuperator Increases drop chance of material crate
+5% experience
Hunger and Thirst increased by 100%
Economical Increases weapon durability
+5% experience (note that this strategy actually gives +10% experience)
Damage taken +25%
Mule Increases odds of better quality survival gear
+5% experience
Infected gain +20% critical chance against you
healing received -50%
Tireless Increases odds of quality kits
+10% experience
Infected +100% attack speed against you
Collectioner Increases odds to drop rare items
+5% experience
Campfire resource cost to pickup items is increased
Independant Increased odds of drop quality items
+10% experience
Damage taken + 100%


To learn the blueprint for this building, you must find 4 incomplete versions of it in a specific zone. You can tell how many pieces you've found in a zone by clicking the map icon at the top left.

Complete Locations Map:
Walker River - incomplete strategy table locations map
Incomplete Building Locations
Zone Walker River
Image Locations Previews
Strategy table (damaged) North-east most corner - from spawn head east onto the road, follow it north, and then go all the way east (off the road) and find it on a crate. Strategy table incomplete 1
In the east gas station (south most area of the map) in the kitchen. Strategy table incomplete 2
From the west gas station, follow the road east until you find the motel (before you cross the bridge). It's in the 2nd room from the south on the bed. Strategy table incomplete 3
Head to the western gas station and walk south/south west across the road until you enter an open area that loops south to a building with a safe/gun bag and a bike nearby. It can be found on a crate north of the safe. Strategy table incomplete 4