Skills are special enhancements a player can use. Players have have 6 normal skills equipped at a time; 4 active, and 2 passive.

  • Active - skills must be manually activated by clicking on them (or hitting the shortcut key for it, 1-6). These have a wide variety of effects, from attacks to protection. These always have a cooldown between uses, and some also have an effect duration.
  • Passive - Many passive skills provide a buff (sometimes only when certain conditions are met).

Unlike clothing, skills can be changed at any time by going to your profile, clicking a skill icon (or empty slot) and choosing one from the list.

There are also some special active skills that are only available on select weapons (such as guns or other ranged weapons). While these can't be equipped and you must have the item to use them, they are often more powerful than standard skills. If you are holding a weapon, you can use the 5 shortcut to activate the skill.

Obtaining skillsEdit

There are many ways to obtain skills in the game:

Skills listEdit


Icon Name Effect Duration Cooldown
Skill 9 icon Defensive formation [Passive] Resistance : +30%, on an 4m area 10s 30s
Skill 19 icon Heavy hand [Passive] Physical Damage +50%

[Attack 20%] Stun, for 2s

10s 30s
Skill 20 icon Chain attack [Passive] Attack Speed +30%

[Passive] Combo Damage +40%

10s 20s
Skill 23 icon Encouragements [Activation] Physical damage : +20%, for 5s, on an 4m area
[Activation] Attack speed : +10%, for 5s, on an 4m area
5s 10s
Skill 24 icon Focus [Passive] Dodge : +60%

[Passive] Move speed : -50%

8s 20s
Skill 25 icon Projection [Attack] Projection : +300m 6s 20s
Skill 28 icon Wall [Passive] Resilience : +20% 5s 20s
Skill 29 icon Smash [Attack] Physical damage : +30, 1 charge
[Attack] Stamina : +20, 1 charge
2s 6s
Skill 30 icon Self heal [Activation] Heal : +30
[Activation] Heal +8, every 1s, for 5s
Skill 34 icon First aid [Activation] Heal : +30, on a 2m area
Skill 35 icon Feint [Hit taken] Counter-attack 5s 12s
Skill 151 icon Purity [Activation] Crowd controls resist +100%, for 1s - Cancels every temporary effect from the character on top of 1s immunity to crowd control effects. 1s 15s
Skill 154 icon Projection Your next attack pushes back your foe. If it's thrown into a wall, the cooldown is reduced by 8s.
Skill 161 icon Mass Provoke Provoke surrounding foes to attack the character.
Skill 129 icon Stance: defense Root yourself in the ground to reduce incoming damage by 50%. Note: activate again to undo early. 15s 3s
Skill 132 icon Execution Does damage proportional to your foe's missing life, if it kills it, there is no cooldown.
Skill 4 icon Rallying call [Activation] Shield +60, for 10s, on an 3m area, 5 charge 10s 20s
Skill 152 icon Intimidating presence Aura: slows foes around the character by 33. Consumes 10 stamina per second. 5s 3s
Skill 157 icon The Punisher Deals damage proportional to the number of foes with control effects around the caster. 20% per slowed or rooted foe. 50% per stunned or frozen foe.
Skill 160 icon Provoke Provoke a foe so that it attacks you.
Skill 32 icon Battle heal [Attack] Heal +9, on a 3m area 10s 25s


Icon Name Effect
Skill 42 icon Rescuer [Passive] Healing skill +30%
Skill 38 icon Protector [Passive] Aggro bonus +100%
[Passive] Physical resistance +20%
Skill 39 icon Sturdy [Passive] Resistance : +30%
Skill 44 icon Sneaky [Passive] Critical Chance : +20%
Skill 40 icon Fast Metabolism [Passive] Bonus recieved heal : +40%
Skill 48 icon Surgeon [Passive] Healing skill +20%

[Passive] Bonus received heal : +20%

Skill 155 icon Escape Artist [Passive] Dodge +20%
Skill 158 icon Opportunist [Passive] damage on slowed targets +30%
[Passive] damage on stunned targets +50%
Skill 43 icon Fighter [Passive] Damage +25%
Skill 13 icon Tough [Passive] Max health +100
[Passive] Aggro bonus +100%
Skill 47 icon Specialist [Passive] Stamina gain +20%
Skill 131 icon Master of elements Gain 15% stacking damage bonuses each time you inflict an elemental effect for 5s. Capped at 5 stacks.

Survivor gear onlyEdit

Only appears on survivor equipment.

Icon Name Gear Effect Duration Cooldown
Skill 120 icon Help Medic's gloves icon Medic's gloves Heal on an 5m area

Note: can't heal yourself

Skill 153 icon Incendiary mine Handyman's bag icon Handyman's bag 30s
Skill 167 icon Martial art Tactical gloves icon Tactical gloves Counter-Attack
Physical Resistance -10%
10s 60s
Skill 163 icon Toxic mine Gas mask icon Gas mask 20s
Skill 159 icon Speed Travel bag icon Travel bag Move speed +30%, for 4s 4s 15s
Skill 61 icon Heal Medic's bag icon Medic's bag Heal on an 4m area 10s
Skill 92 icon Melee Adventurer's bag icon Adventurer's bag Projection -5m, on an 5m area 10s
Skill 165 icon Throw Jerrycan bag Jerrycan Flammable, in a 1m radius 60s
Skill 166 icon Berserk War paintings icon War paintings Physical damage +25%
Resistance -50%
Skill 168 icon Escape Scarf icon Scarf Projection +3m on 4m area
Electric damage +12, on 4m area
Skill 169 icon Spotting Map equipment icon Map Display your current coordinates

Item onlyEdit

All item only skills are "active".

Icon Name Item Effect Duration Cooldown
Skill 69 icon Shoot Bow [Activation] Inflicts 50 damage to the first enemy within a cone. Headshot chance: 15%
Skill 103 icon Lancer Gas tank
/ BBQ fuel
[Activation] Flammable, on an 1m area
Skill 104 icon Formula X Formula X [Activation] Toxic damage +36, every 1s, for 6s, on an 3m area
[Activation] Move speed -50%, every 1s, for 6s, on an 3m area
Skill 105 icon Throw Boomerang [Activation] Physical damage +28, every 1s, for 2s, on an 8m area
[Activation] Durability -20
Skill 106 icon Throw Laundry detergent [Activation] Toxic damage +48, on an 1m area
[Activation] Durability -25
Skill 107 icon Throw Bleach [Activation] Toxic damage +72, on an 2m area
[Activation] Durability -50
Skill 108 icon Throw Gas canister
/ Gas bottle
[Activation] Fire damage +168, on an 4m area
[Activation] Projection +5m, on an 4m area
Skill 109 icon Light on Blowtorch [Activation] Fire damage +24, every 1s, for 4s, on an 3m area
Skill 110 icon Blessing Bible [Activation] Shield +150, for 4s, on an 2m area
Skill 111 icon Erudite Dictionary [Activation] Stun, for 4s, on an 2m area
Skill 112 icon Use Role Play Book [Activation 25%] Heal +36
[Activation 25%] Move speed +100%, for 4s
[Activation 25%] Max health +100
[Activation 25%] Shield +150, for 4s
Skill 113 icon Use Math book [Activation] Counter-attack, for 4s
Skill 114 icon Use Survivalism Handbook [Activation] Physical resistance +20%, for 10s, on an 5m area
Skill 115 icon Heal Novel [Activation] Heal +24, every 1s, for 4s, on an 5m area
Heal with words
Skill 121 icon Use Fire extinguisher [Activation] Cold damage +24, on an 2m area
[Activation] Durability -33
Skill 122 icon Gossip power People magazine [Activation] Critical damage +50%, for 10s
[Activation] Critical chance +25%, for 10s
Skill 124 icon Throw Liquid nitrogen [Activation] Cold damage +72, on an 2m area
Skill 126 icon Throw Base ball
/ Golf ball
[Activation] Stun, for 4s, on an 0m area 5s 10s
Skill 130 icon Decoy Firecrackers Throw firecrackers near you to serve as a decoy for 5s. 5s 30s
Skill 133 icon Shoot Tiny Revolver Inflicts 80 damage to your target. Headshot chance: 35%
Skill 134 icon Shoot Semi-automatic pistol Inflicts 60 damage to the first enemy within a cone. Headshot chance: 25% 5s 0s
Skill 135 icon Shoot Magnum Inflicts 110 damage to your target. Headshot chance: 55%
Skill 136 icon Shoot Taser gun Inflicts 100 electrical damage to your target and stuns it for 2 seconds.
Skill 137 icon Shoot Liquid Nitrogen handgun Inflicts 70 cold damage to enemies within a cone, also reduces their attack speed by 33%.
Skill 138 icon Shoot Dirty Harry's gun Inflicts 160 damage to your target, and stuns it for 2 seconds. Headshot chance: 75%
Skill 139 icon Shoot Dart gun Inflicts 100 poison damage to your target, and roots it for 10 seconds.
Skill 140 icon Shoot Silencer gun Inflicts 60 damage to your target. Headshot chance: 45%
Skill 141 icon Shoot Water gun Gives the status "wet" to the target.
Skill 143 icon Shoot Flare gun Inflicts 100 fire damage.
Skill 145 icon First aid kit First aid kit Drops a kit at the target area. Can be used to restore 20% max health. Lasts 10 seconds. 10s 15s
Skill 146 icon Distress signal Flare gun Shoots a flare into the air. Rescue will surely come! - Teleports you back to your camp, safe and sound. Consumes the item. Note: You will keep all your items, and the teleport happens after a few seconds of channeling. 2s 10s
Skill 149 icon Build spiked barrel Barricade kit Can be built to hinder and impale nearby infecteds
Skill 162 icon Throw Molotov cocktail icon Molotov cocktail [Activation] Fire damage +96, on an 2m area

Unknown skillsEdit

  • Skill 156 icon
  • Skill 125 icon - Seem connected to the unreleased item Water ballon icon Water ballon
  • Skill 147 icon - Seems connected to the unreleased item Necronomicon Magazine - Summer Edition icon Necronomicon Magazine - Summer Edition


  • In early beta, you could earn skills by finding and using Skill book icon Skill books. These were removed after skills became available the proper way.