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For daily objectives such as killing infecteds, see daily challenge.

Side missions, also known as side quests, are optional quests which have their objectives marked "[Optional]" in-game.

Side missions must be completed in the map they were assigned. If you leave the map (or even log out) the mission's progress will be forgotten when you return, and must be started over from scratch. If a quest requires you to salvage a resource, you must do this after the quest starts; simply having them in your inventory before the quest won't count.

Available quests[]

Every day at 3 am UTC, side quests are reset, and random ones are chosen by the server to be available for the day. These ones that show up are the same for everyone on a specific server (although if too many people are on a specific map and it "splits", the new map will have different ones available). As the ones that appear are completely random each day, it's possible for a specific quest to appear / not appear for multiple days in a row.

It is possible to change servers and thus do most / all of the quests in a single day. However, since which quests are available on which servers is random, it is possible for a specific quest not to be available on any servers. Some flags are merged with each others, making them redundant to check, here is a current screenshot of the servers: Servers List.

Side quests tracker link: Tracker

The easiest way to tell if a zone has an active side mission is to use a Compass icon.png compass. When used, the compass will show what direction the NPC is located in, and if no NPC exists, nothing will happen (which indicates it's not active).


Sacramento Suburbs icon.png Sacramento Suburbs[]



Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Emmett location.png
Location: Go south-east to the base, then continue south past the truck with the flag on the hood.
Objective: Enter building, search table.

Ignore the code he tells you, it's not needed. Head east into the fenced area (recommended to bring a friend) and click the table with the computer on it in the top left of the building.

Sophie Pearson.png

Sophie Pearson

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep
Sophie Pearson location.png
Location: Follow the river at center of map north along the west side until you find her on a wooden dock.
Objective: Talk near apple tree, salvage Chocolate 3 chocolate.

Infecteds occasionally drop Biscuit icon.png Biscuits, which have a low chance to give chocolate. It is advised to find other chocolate giving sources such as Strawberry cake icon.png strawberry cake and Chocolate box icon.png chocolate boxes, both of which can be found in vending machines as well as some set locations (it's worth leaving the area to find it and then restarting the quest when you have good chocolate giving items). Go north past Tiscornia park and northwest to the memorial statue. Talk to Sophie.

Amber Reid.png

Amber Reid

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep, Bow icon.png Bow
Amber Reid location.png
Location: On the long bridge at the eastern pond, just beyond Emmett's lab.
Objective: Salvage Wood 20 wood and Rope 10 rope.

Zombies will occasionally drop Rope icon.png rope or Wooden plank icon.png wooden planks (mostly rope). Pick up any Guitar icon.png Guitars you find, as they give both wood and rope. There are some set rope locations nearby: one is to the west, north of Emett's side quest building. Another is to the north east, in the house south of the pool, next to a desk (there is also a guitar in this house). There is also a rope along the northeast of the pond by Amber. Another rope can be found right beside one of the broken-down cars by the BiBi-Too Café (which is at the left of the gas station).

Marcy Holden.png

Marcy Holden

Reward: Experience.png 1200, Reputation.png 3 Rep
Marcy Holden location.png
Location: Past the South District, adjacent the Sacramento Public Library on the northeastern side, next to a military truck.
Objective: Kill 20 infecteds. Go through library, talk to her at the south end of the lake. Kill 20 more infecteds.
Colin Brown.png

Colin Brown

Reward: Experience.png 800, Reputation.png 2 Rep, Sausage icon.png Sausage (x2)
Colin Brown location.png
Location: West of spawn, Colin Brown is hiding behind the large rock along the path next to the barn.
Objective: Kill 3 Farmer zombie.png Farmers & 15 infecteds with a Pitchfork icon.png Pitchfork.

You can find pitchforks in the barn, or dropped from infecteds. You can also find farmer infecteds in the area.

Eric Austin.png

Eric Austin

Reward: Experience.png 2800, Reputation.png 7 Rep, Torch icon.png Torch
Eric Austin location.png
Location: East of Spawn, in the survivor's burrow.
Objective: Deal PDM 1.png 2000 fire damage to Infected, then travel to American River's Firecamp.
Cassandra Bowman.png

Cassandra Bowman

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Cassandra Bowman location.png
Location: On the north east side of map inside the gas station, along with her brother, Cole Bowman.png Cole Bowman.
Objective: Salvage Fuel 10 fuel

Infecteds will commonly drop Lighter icon.png Lighters (1 fuel), and occasionally drop Gas bottle icon.png Gas bottles (5 fuel). You can also find fuel, above the gas station, to the right of the gas station, and a gas tank near the entrance to the terrace gardens secret passage.

Bodega Bay icon.png Bodega Bay[]

Abbi Webster.png

Abbi Webster

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep, Camera icon.png Camera (random good+ quality)
Abbi Webster location.png
Location: Go north from spawn. Upon seeing the lake, go west along the bottom of the lake until you see a house with a white flooring. Go around to the left side of the building and go north past the beach. When you see the Bike.png bike, go east and you'll see Abbi Webster.
Objective: Take pictures at various locations.

Go north through the wrecked house, and take a picture. Next, follow the path east past the wrecked house and take another picture. Continue east and take another picture. Return to Abbi; she is just nearby.

Tanguy Gardner.png

Tanguy Gardner

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep
Tanguy Gardner location.png
Location: On the left beach south of the bicycle by the rocks.
Objective: Deal PDM 3.png 1500 Electric damage in highlighted area

Taser icon.png Tasers can be found in green loot bags, or Game console icon.png Game console can be found in the house to the north of farm

Matt Sanders.png

Matt Sanders

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Matt Sanders location.png
Location: South from spawn, down toward beach at the unlit campfire, above the tool shed.
Objective: Kill 40 infected
Gordon Ramos.png

Gordon Ramos

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Gordon Ramos location.png
Location: North-East from spawn right behind the playground.
Objective: Salvage Sugar 10 Sugar

Best way to do the quest is to bring 2 Candy dispenser icon.png Candy dispensers or 10 fruit Juices. There's one candy dispenser in the playground right near the NPC, and another one in the southern tool shed near Matt Sanders

  • Juice can be found in vending machines and as mob drops while doing this quest. Check the convenience store for vending machines, it's east of spawn, just below the Farm Secret Passage, where Gabriella Campbell is located.
Gabriella Campbell.png

Gabriella Campbell

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Gabriella Campbell location.png
Location: In the Convenience store washroom south of Farm Secret Passage.
Objective: Kill 20 Infecteds with a Baseball bat icon.png Baseball bat.

A baseball bat can be found by a backpack before the tool shed at the southern shore in the "Madness for a reward" zone. Infecteds will also drop baseball bats (green quest bags).

Kaitlyn Shaw.png

Kaitlyn Shaw

Reward: Experience.png 1200, Reputation.png 3 Rep
Kaitlyn Shaw location.png
Location: On the north west beach near beach SP.
Objective: Salvage Tools 10 Tools

A good place to gather resources in the north, across the river. In the workshop building.

Downtown Santa Rosa icon.png Downtown Santa Rosa[]

Sylvia Bluth.png

Sylvia Bluth

Reward: Experience.png 1200, Reputation.png 3 Rep
Sylvia Bluth location.png
Location: From the start, go north and turn east onto the wooden path, following it until it ends, and continue east until you hit a wall, then head north until you see an east path connecting to a small parking lot.
Objective: Find 3 Antibiotic icon.png antibiotics

Go to the building to the south east (and the surrounding area) and search for 3 antibiotics (it can also be dropped by medical infecteds). Return them to Sylvia.

Mazon College icon.png Mazon College[]



Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Glenn location.png
Location: In front of the football field on the north east side of the map.
Objective: Get Pet Food icon.png Pet Food, feed hamster.

Follow the south-east path until you reach a dorm building on the east edge of the map (entrance is on the north west side) and travel to the south west corner room, search the dresser for pet food, and feed the hamster. Go to the east side of the building and exit out the hole in the wall and talk to Glenn.

Sunset Mall icon.png Sunset Mall[]

John Walter Jr..png

John Walter Jr.

Reward: Experience.png 2800, Reputation.png 7 Rep
John Walter Jr. location.png
Location: At the south end of the gardens near the river and gate.
Objective: Collect 4 Golf ball icon.png golf balls.

Along the way to the casino in the Egon search quest, there is a golf course (to the west of the casino). Search for golf balls scattered in this area. Return to John, who has moved into a building at the southern end of the golf course.

Kaylee Snow.png
Kaylee Snow location.png
Location: In the apartments near the south side of the mall.
Objective: Deal PDM 2.png 500 ice damage.

You can grab the Air conditioning icon.png air conditioning unit right next to her for a cold based weapon. Ice machine icon.png Ice machines will also start appearing frequently in containers should you need another weapon with cold damage. Find another one in fancy restaurant east of the cinema and if needed grab ice machine from the diner west of the cinema.

Jack Pulhock.png

Jack Pulhock

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep, Golf ball icon.png Golf ball
Jack Pulhock location.png
Location: In the bathroom near the west most corner of the golf course.
Objective: Kill 10 infecteds with a Golf club icon.png Golf club (x3).

Grab a golf club in / near the gold course, and kill 10 infecteds in the area south of Jack, and then kill 10 more in both the north and south-east sections of the golf course.

Brayden Reid.png

Brayden Reid

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Brayden Reid location.png
Location: In the north most building in the construction area.
Objective: Kill 20 infecteds near the construction site and then 60 infecteds anywhere in Sunset Mall.


Reward: Experience.png 3600, Reputation.png 9 Rep, Taser gun icon.png Taser gun
NEO location.png
Location: East of the cinema, south of the park.
Objective: Collect 10 Scrap metal, 10 Electricity, 10 Electronic component, then kill 3 screamer infecteds.

The best source for Electronic component components is Screen icon.png Screens but Remote control icon.png Remote controls will start appearing frequently, electricity can be salvaged from all kinds of battery items (especially Laptop battery icon.png Laptop battery), and the best source of metal is probably finding an Industrial metal piece icon.png Industrial metal piece (there's a set location for one in construction area). You can find both electronics and batteries in the room NE0 is in, but if you need more you can check out the cyber cafe south west of the pool area and south of the super market entrance (the one that connects to the SP - Freezer).

Dimitri Elderof.png

Dimitri Elderof

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Dimitri Elderof location.png
Location: West side of the park.
Objective: Kill 20 infecteds at each corner of the park (4x 20 kills).

Walker River icon.png Walker River[]

Lily Chambers.png

Lily Chambers

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep
Lily Chambers location.png
Location: South of the motel where the highway forks south, on the north side of the road near a campfire.
Objective: Kill 40 infecteds on the east side of the road.

Note: There is a Bike.png bike to the north west of the campfire for easily leaving the map.

Jenny Holden.png

Jenny Holden

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Jenny Holden location.png
Location: Inside the weather station.
Objective: Kill 3 types of infecteds with a Camera icon.png camera: Catapult, Protector and Puker (killing the protector by killing nearby zombies counts).

You can find 2 camera in the building she's in. Normal zombies also have a chance to give cameras as a quest drop (green loot bag).

Dylan Black.png

Dylan Black

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Dylan Black location.png
Location: Next to an old truck east of the motel along the fence.
Objective: Deal PDM 1.png 1300 fire damage within the motel's area.

You can find a Lighter icon.png Lighter on a picnic bench near the motel and another in the north western most motel room if you need a fire damaging weapon.

Jordan Lion.png

Jordan Lion

Reward: Experience.png 3600, Reputation.png 9 Rep
Jordan Lion location.png
Location: Alongside the east side of the river east of the main bridge (near the end of the river).
Objective: Kill 125 infecteds on this side of the river, as well as retrieve a Fishing rod icon.png fishing rod

Infecteds have a high chance to drop one during the quest, keep an eye out for a green loot bag!

Shelton Jr..png

Shelton Jr.

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Shelton Jr. location.png
Location: At the Bike.png bike northwest of Lily Chamber's unlit Campfire, near a Green van and the Gun bag.
Objective: Salvage Fuel 20 fuel

There is plenty of fuel in the gas station just northeast of this area. Go southeast of the gas station by the Motel, you'll find him fixing the brown van.

Herman Bentley.png

Herman Bentley

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Herman Bentley location.png
Location: Sitting in the middle of the diagonal stone and wood bridge, north of Jordan Lion.
Objective: Salvage Salt 10 salt

While on this quest, infected will have a chance to drop crab, which can be salvaged for a chance to get salt, and you can also fish in the nearby fishing spots for various fish. Talk to him again when done.

Arizona Jurassic Museum icon.png Arizona Jurassic Museum[]

Dr. E. Pollick.png

Dr. E. Pollick

Reward: Experience.png 1200, Reputation.png 3 Rep
Dr. E. Pollick location.png
Location: Next to the unlit fire near the second Bike.png bike adjacent the taco house.
Objective: Kill 20 infected near house, inspect water tank.

Go northwest past the greenhouse to his house to kill 20 infecteds. Go back and talk to Dr. E. Pollick. Afterwards, go back towards the Bike.png bike, down the slope and northeast to the water tank to inspect it (Alternatively, southwest to the museum and swing around to the north end) and pick up the Materials crate icon.png Water bottle box. Return to Pollick.

Joshua Castillo.png

Joshua Castillo

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Joshua Castillo location.png
Location: Southwest of the spawn in one of the adjacent buildings.
Objective: Salvage Tools 10 tools, find a Dinosaur plush icon.png Dinosaur plush.

Infected rarely drop tools for you, so scavenge in the railway secret passage and around the map. You must salvage the tools after the quest has begun or it does not count. Talk to Joshua when you are done. Go to the front of the museum into the toy shop, and take a dinosaur plush. This time killing infected will drop green bags containing them. Return to Joshua. He won't take your Tools tools, but he will take a Dinosaur plush icon.png Dinosaur plush.

Tasha Beaux.png

Tasha Beaux

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep
Tasha Beaux location.png
Location: Can be found in the South-East underneath the Museum and lies next to the red mattress.
Objective: Salvage Fish 10 fish & Meat 5 meat.

After speaking to her, you first you have to read the diary next to her and then she requests 10 Fish and 5 Meat. Infected will now drop Gudgeon icon.png gudgeons and Chicken sandwich icon.png chicken sandwichs more often. Collect the resources this way takes a lot of stamina and time. Alternatively the surrounding buildings can be searched, especially the Diner in the West. Now return to Tasha.

Wanahton Reeves.png

Wanahton Reeves

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep, Taser icon.png Taser
Wanahton Reeves location.png
Location: At the very bottom of the map (just to the right of the bottom Bike.png bike and campfire) between the small pond and the adjacent building.
Objective: Reeves will give you a Helicopter's black box icon.png Flat battery; interact with the nearby generator to use it. [Return to Reeves.] Deal PDM 3.png 750 electric damage. [Return to Reeves.]

Note that the Taser icon.png voltmeter quest item does not deal electric damage and you'll have to find some other way to deal electric damage. Best bring a taser for this quest, or if someone else already completed the quest, ask to borrow their taser. Microwaves deal electrical damage as well if you can find one.

Paulette Langsley.png

Paulette Langsley

Reward: Experience.png 3600, Reputation.png 9 Rep, Canteen icon.png Canteen
Paulette Langsley location.png
Location: In front of the double tents within the excavation site.
Objective: Kill 10 infected with a Shovel icon.png Shovel within the excavation site. Kill 5 infected with a Scrub icon.png Scrub within the excavation site.

Infected will drop scrubs and shovels to use. The infected within the excavation site are a higher difficulty than most typical infected.

Louise Galler.png

Louise Galler

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Louise Galler location.png
Location: Go from spawn and head Southwest until you see the Excavation Site Secret Passage (Railway), go Southeast from of the secret passage, Louise is just past the gate with the red & white bars.
Objective: Kill 30 zombies in the zone (underneath).