Seeds are a resource who's primary use is for farming, although it's also used in a few food recipes, and semi commonly required for research projects.


While many items have a chance to give seeds and none of these items are strictly uncommon, it can be difficult to purposefully find items to salvage into seeds. The best source of these items is mostly fridges, picnic baskets, the trash, and various locations around maps (such as trees).

The best source of seeds is actually from farming. While this seems a bit counterintuitive at first (since it costs seeds to farm), all plants when harvested have at least a chance to give 1 seed, with many having a chance to give even more! The best plant for seeds is wheat as it not only gives the most seeds (5) but also has a 100% chance to always give them![Confirm] Just note that pulling out plants that give less seeds isn't always advised, as you will often find the seeds lost from replanting aren't worth the seeds gained from plants that give more of them when grown.

The square garden in Sunset Mall is a good source of fruits.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
4 (x0-1) Farmer's Basket icon Stash of food
0-1 Apple icon Apple
0-1 Carrot icon Carrot
1 Cucumber icon Cucumber
0-1 Leek icon Leek
0-1 Lemon icon Lemon
1 Melon icon Melon
1 Mixed salad icon Mixed salad
1 Peach icon Peach
1 (50%) Pineapple icon Pineapple
1 (x2) Potato icon Potato
1 Salad icon Salad
0-1 Tomato icon Tomato
0-1 Grapes icon Grapes


Research projects - random values

Farming - plant a crop - 1

Camp buildings: