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Secret Passages (commonly abbreviated as sp) are special areas, found in every zone, that are normally inaccessible due to something blocking the way. Every hour one passage in each zone becomes open for 60 minutes, so you always have 9 passages open every hour. Like everything else on a map, they can only be looted once a day (you can loot every passage once, adding up to 29 crates per day), and are reset at the same time as everything else (5am UTC).

Each zone has at least 3 secret passages (except Walker River which only has 2). Secret passages have a 3 hour-cycle where every hour there's a secret passage open, but it's always a different passage making it so that you can only find a certain passage open every 3 hours and never twice in a row (read issues).

All secret passages have a crate at the end which contains average and above quality items (except upgrade kits), as well as some crate-only items. In order to open the crate, 100 infecteds inside the passage need to be killed before it closes. However, this infecteds count is shared between all players, so bringing a group will speed up the process. Once 100 infecteds are cleared, players entering after are not required to kill any zombies and can open the crate instantly.

Secret Passages Tracker link: Fewfre's Dead Maze Passage Tracker. This is a really useful passage tracker created by Fewfre (not associated with Atelier 801). It requires users to check which passages are open and report them on the site through a voting system.

It's highly recommended to do secret passages in groups; these are often done using in-game chats (such as /chat sp) where people call out passages. You can also join a tribe in order to find and loot secret passages in large groups.

Rare Passages[]

Rare passages are secret passages that ignore the 3 hour-cycle and open once per day[1]. There are currently 3 rare passages:

Rare Passages don't have better loot than normal passages[1]. The only difference between rare passages and normal passages is that rare passages only open once per day. They don't have a higher requirement to open the crate and are usually just as difficult as normal passages. Under normal circumstances all 3 rare passages should be open at once[1] (read issues).

Note that people will sometimes lie about these passages being open in order to troll.


Due to a decrease of active players, it is possible for certain zones (mostly end-game zones like Walker River, Jurassic Museum, Highway 99 and Blue Mesa) to have no players on them. When this happens the secret passage cycle resets prematurely clearing any crate progress and making it harder to loot the other passages because it resets to the same passage every time there's no players in the zone. This makes it so that you can get the same passage open multiple times in a row and it also messes up rare passages making them appear more often or not at all[1].


This is a list of some of the notable rewards.


This list contains the location of the entrances and their approximate difficulties. Visit the specific zone page for more information. The difficulties are from a scale of 1-10, and have been assigned based on how easy/difficult it is to reach the crate, or how easy/difficult it is to clear the secret passage.

For secret passages with a high difficulty rating, clearing in groups is strongly recommended.

Sacramento Suburbs icon.png Sacramento Suburbs[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Redcastle Building Terrace Garden Head south east from spawn until you cross the river. Head south east past the sandbags and enter the building to the north along the south east entrance. Go up the stairs, then go west (ignoring the two rooms). 4
Delta-9 BSAC Experimental Lab Head south east from spawn until you cross the river. Go south east and then north east at sandbags. After you run into a fence, follow it east until you can enter. Follow the building paths to the west, and then take the elevator down. 6
Sacramento Valley Station Head south east from spawn until you cross the river. If you follow the south east road from spawn all the way to a park (bypassing the store in the way), the pathway to the secret passage is a bit hidden, as the path is a curving green trail, which leads to an entrance to train tracks. 5

Bodega Bay icon.png Bodega Bay[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Deadly Haystacks Farm One of the easiest secret passages to find, from the spawn follow the path east, and at the road follow it south for just a few steps and then enter the wooden fence area. 1
Lumberyard From spawn head directly north and around the right side of the lake. At the fence, enter and head up the eastern path. 4
Fireside Beach From the spawn head north into the forest, and then follow the paths east (curving north when needed). Along the west side you will eventually see a strip of beach and the entrance is along the north end. 5

Downtown Santa Rosa icon.png Downtown Santa Rosa[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Graveyard This area is over a bridge in the north west most area of the map. 5
Downtown Santa Rosa map detailed.jpg
The Interesting Company From spawn head north onto the wooden path and follow it east until it becomes a fancy stone path; follow this north east until it ends into a building then go into the east room and exit out the north door. 6
Willy Wheel Car Dealership Found on the east most side of the map, almost directly east from the spawn (although you'll have to walk around many obstacles). 6

Mazon College icon.png Mazon College[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Rats' Sporting Goods From the spawn it is directly south. 3
Rats Football Stadium The American football field is directly north of the spawn (although you will have to go around the building). 5
Elisa Boston (2nd Floor) From the spawn head to the north eastern most building known as the Elisa Boston residence and enter from along the east side of the map. Go up the stairs to enter the passage area. 4

Sunset Mall icon.png Sunset Mall[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
13th Heaven Strip Club North side of the map. From the spawn follow the east hallway until you hit a wall; from here you can see if passage is open (crate is visible). Now head east and then north into the AllStar Bowling Alley, and continue north until you exit out a door. Head north west into the club. 6
Mall strip club secret passage.png
Dailyneed Supermarket Freezer From spawn head south west (even after the hallway ends) until you hit a computer center.

Then go north west until you enter the Dailyneed Supermarket, and go to the northwest-most corner to find the passage entrance.

Sunset Mall map-path to freezer.png
"Midnight" Laser Game From spawn head south west (even after the hallway ends) until you hit a computer center.

Go south east and down the hallway until you reach Redfield Cinema. Keep going in the direction of the hallway until you reach a dark room with colored lights.

Mall laser game secret passage.png
Chestnut Hotel Suites From the Spawn, go southwest until you see the crashed Helicopter, go through the bookstore to avoid the dead. At this point, stay on the path and keep going through the South path(S/E). You will pass through the Unicorn Meeting Area and will see a Flower Store (bottom).

Right by it, there will be an Office with 4 large Sofas, go in and out (S/W) until you reach narrow path, after which you will go (S) .

You will be in Pipeboy Plumbing Supplies, and (S/W) the secret passage is here. Once you're in the parking lot, head down and right, then upwards towards the Kasai Sushi Bar and Texan Paradise pub. At this point, you can look at the map for the crate.

Mall apartments secret passage.png

Walker River icon.png Walker River[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Cliffside Railway Follow the river all the way to the end on the west side and hit Route 66.

Follow the road west until the first southward fork and follow it until it hits a cliff and then go in the entrance by the parking lot to the north.

Walker River Map SP.png
Wrecking Yard (Colloquially known as the impound lot)

From the spawn head south east until you hit the road, go south and follow the road, until you see a Semi-Truck in the lot, the secret passage is here. If there is a Gate, it's closed.


Arizona Jurassic Museum icon.png Arizona Jurassic Museum[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Oasis Diner Parking From the spawn go north east (behind the motel with the "condemned staircase") until you reach the North House with three fish tanks. Go inside and enter behind the two bookshelves (N). When the passage is open the third bookshelf should be gone. 6
Arizona Jurassic Museum SP Map.png
Scientist Observation Division From spawn, follow the path the quest originally took you until you start going east past a botanical house raised up off the ground a bit; on the south west corner of the house is an opening (or a gate if closed). This house is where tourists would observe the scientists down below in the excavation site "like lab rats." 2
Tourist Auction Center (Same start as Diner)

From the Spawn, go northeast (behind the first building), you will see the House with 3 fish tanks (Don't go inside).

At this point go (S/E), until you see the campfire and a bike. From the Bike, go all the way South until you are between a house and the rocks.

Follow the only path (S/W) and there will be an open space. Pass through the "To the road" zone towards the buildings. The crate lies in the storage building in the back, by the northeast corner of the complex.

Fatal Excavation Site From spawn head west past the "oven" convenience store and fast food place. Follow the edge of the map south towards the Large grouping - West until a passage east opens up. Inside lies an abandoned dinosaur excavation site. You can walk directly on the train tracks southeast towards the chest, which lies directly at the bottom of the site. You can also walk directly past the train tracks towards the southwest corner, and then from there walk through the burial site towards the crate. 5

South Fallon icon.png Highway 99[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Plateau Garage From the spawn, head east into the hallway of cars. Follow the road northeast and then into the first northern exit you see (past the car with canoes). Keep heading north past the gas stations and gas pumps.

At the northern corner, head into the gap between the fences (there is normally a large truck in between the fences). Go north into the warehouse for the crate.

Traffic-less Roadblock From the rescaped camp, go along the fence to east and enter through the two rock faces at the eastern end of this area. Go north to the "End of the road" and follow it to the crate. 7
Death Row Use the western opening of the prison to enter through the fence. Go along the welcome hall until you see a hole in the wall into some prison cells.

Enter. You should be in the "It's over" zone. From here, go to the top of the building towards the capital punishment building. Head through the prep room towards the execution chamber, where the crate will be situated.

Prison Boiler Go to the prison the same way as described above.

Go southeast past the quarantine towards the giant hole, and then northeast through the fence.

Go to the eastern corner into the dark room to enter the sp. Follow all the winding passages through the celled areas, the showers, and finally into the boiler room to find the crate at the far south end.


Blue Mesa icon.png Blue Mesa[]

Name Location Difficulty Map
Military Shooting Range From Spawn, go East you will see an open Gate, go through and follow the path East until you can go to the (N/W),(a jeep is on the way). Go inside the bunker and take the elevator (N/E). The freight elevator is just on the top (N).

Enter the hole in the fence to the south and make your way southeast along the path. Head northeast along the fence. Enter the eastward passage through the open fence, then head south and east through the large building. Make your way north after exiting, and go through the satellite communications center. Go down the slope southeast and all the way to the shooting grounds for the crate.

Valtain [Floor -66] Torture Chamber From spawn, follow the road (S/E) until you reach the Gas station. Go inside and make your way (N/E) then (N/W) and enter the staircase. Keep going (W) until you went through the MINE EXIT.

Outside, still go (W) until you see the bike, climb down the ladder. Go (S/E), you will see an aquarium and -17 yellow keep on the path and take the elevator. Go S/E, you will see the first -66, at this point you can go (N/E) towards the observation and analysis center. The crate is in the index case's isolation cell. If the corridor is visible but there is a wall in the way, it is closed.

Blue Mesa map icons-0.png
Coppercreek Mineshaft's Depths Use the same steps as above to reach the ladder, and once it is reached climb down. Follow the path down and take a left until there is an upward opening at the southwest corner of the mine shaft (where the pile of rocks is in the image). 5
Blue Mesa mine shafts entrance.png


  • You used to be able to earn skills in crates through skill books (using them would earn you the skill). This was removed during closed beta.


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