For the item, see Screw (item).

Screws are a common resource use in various buildings and weapons.


Best way to obtain is by finding Screw items, which are commonly found in trash/recycling, desks, and lockers.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
5+250% Screw icon Screw
4?% Materials crate icon Materials crate
2 + 1 Skateboard icon Skateboard
2 Magnum icon Magnum
2 Semi-automatic pistol icon Semi-automatic pistol
2 Spiked Club icon Spiked club
1?% Alarm clock icon Alarm clock
1?% Bar chair icon Bar chair
1 Bar stool icon Bar stool
1 Dart gun icon Dart gun
1?% Earth globe icon Earth globe
1?% Iron chair icon Iron chair
1 Silencer gun icon Silencer gun
1 Tiny Revolver icon Tiny revolver
1 Shears icon Shears
1 Hoover stick icon Hoover stick
1?% Liquid Nitrogen handgun icon Liquid nitrogen handgun
1 Machete icon Machete
1?% Mace icon Mace
1 Mannequin leg icon Mannequin leg
1 Wolf trap icon Wolf trap
1 (x0-1) Wood chair icon Wood chair


Camp buildings: