The screen is a powerful but slow and fragile weapon. It's primarily salvaged for materials, being a good source of electronic components, glass and plastic alike.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Sacramento Suburbs:
    • First room in the SP - Delta-9 BSAC / Experimental Lab.
    • In the south wing of the library.
    • In the office northeast from the library.
  • Santa Rosa:
    • 15+ in the offices near SP - the Interesting Company.
    • In the SP - the Interesting Company chest room.
  • Mazon College:
    • Main building, both floors.
  • Sunset Mall:
    • Casino, the easternmost area in the map.
    • Internet cafe southeast of the SP - Dailyneed Supermarket Freezer.
    • The shop NEO is in.
    • Shop to the west of the SP - Chestnut Hotel Suites entrance.
  • Arizona Jurassic Museum:
    • In a building northeast from Wanahton.
  • Blue Mesa:
    • Several rooms inside the main facility.
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