Scrap metal is a common resource that is often required in large amounts for creating camp buildings, and is also used in various weapon recipes.


The best way to get scrap metal is to find Industrial metal pieces, since they salvage into so much and are fairly common. The best way to find them is by looking at various set locations (see page) although it is also fairly commonly found by checking the trash / recycling, desks, and lockers.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10 + 550% Industrial metal piece icon Industrial metal piece
10 Katana icon Katana
10 Materials crate icon Materials crate
10 Military Goods icon Military Goods
7 Silencer gun icon Silencer gun
6 Mace icon Mace
6 Magnum icon Magnum
6 Semi-automatic pistol icon Semi-automatic pistol
5 Iron bar icon Iron bar
5 Liquid Nitrogen handgun icon Liquid nitrogen handgun
5 Tiny Revolver icon Tiny revolver
4 Dart gun icon Dart gun
4 Dumbbell icon Dumbbell
4 Monkey wrench icon Monkey wrench
4 Pickaxe icon Pickaxe
4 Wolf trap icon Wolf trap
3 Blowtorch icon Blowtorch
3 Busted microwave oven icon Busted microwave oven
3 Fire extinguisher icon Fire extinguisher
3 Gas bottle icon Gas bottle
3 Golf club icon Golf Club
3 Large black lamp icon Large black lamp
3 Pipe icon Pipe
3 Pitchfork icon Pitchfork
3 Pot icon Pot
3 Shovel icon Shovel
2 Axe icon Axe
2 Candy dispenser icon Candy dispenser
2 Electric guitar icon Electric guitar
2 Electrical Nightstick icon Electrical Nightstick
2 Fireman axe icon Fireman axe
2 Game console icon Game console
2 Golf flag icon Golf flag
2 Hammer icon Hammer
2 Ladle icon Ladle
2 Frying Pan icon Frying pan
2 Rake icon Rake
2 Razor blades icon Razor blade
2 Screwdriver icon Screwdriver
2 Skateboard icon Skateboard
2 Stop sign icon Stop sign
2 Studded baseball bat icon Studded baseball bat
2 Tennis racket icon Tennis racket
2 Toaster icon Toaster
2 Trophy icon Trophy
2 Weapon modifier icon Weapon modifier
1 Bar chair icon Bar chair
1 Bedside lamp icon Bedside Lamp
1?% Brick icon Brick
1 Bucket icon Bucket
1 Butterfly knife icon Butterfly knife
1 Canned peaches icon Canned peaches
1 (x2) Canned soup icon Canned soup
1?% Canned vegetables icon Canned vegetables
1 Child creation icon Child creation
1 Coat hanger icon Coat hanger
1 Compass icon Compass
1 Fork icon Fork
1 Fountain pen icon Fountain pen
1 Gas canister icon Gas canister
1 Hard drive icon Hard drive
1 Hoover stick icon Hoover stick
1 Iron chair icon Iron chair
1 Lighter icon Lighter
1 Phone battery icon Phone battery
1 Skewer icon Skewer
1 Soda can icon Soda can
1 Table icon Table
1 Trumpet icon Trumpet
1 Umbrella icon Umbrella
1 Violin icon Violin
1 Wheel brace icon Wheel brace


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