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The Sacramento Suburbs is the first normal zone a player is introduced to after going through the intro zones. It has a high level of trashcans, safes, 2 gun bags, and more that keeps it interesting for new and old players alike.

Secret passages[]

  • Redcastle Building Terrace Garden - Head south east from spawn until you cross the river. Head south east past the sandbags and enter the building to the north along the south east entrance. Go up the stairs, then go west (ignoring the two rooms). The chest is at the north most corner.
  • Delta-9 BSAC / Experimental Lab - Head south east from spawn until you cross the river. Go south east and then north east at sandbags. After you run into a fence, follow it east until you can enter. Follow the building paths to the west, and then take the elevator down. The crate is at the north east most area.
  • Sacramento Valley Station - Head south east from spawn until you cross the river. If you follow the south east road from spawn all the way to a park (bypassing the store in the way), the pathway to the secret passage is a bit hidden, as the path is a curving green trail, which leads to an entrance to train tracks. The crate is on the west side.

Storage blueprint[]

Storage (damaged).png

The blueprints found here will unlock the storage (see page for locations).

Side missions[]



Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Emmett location.png
Location: Go south-east to the base, then continue south past the truck with the flag on the hood.
Objective: Enter building, search table.

Ignore the code he tells you, it's not needed. Head east into the fenced area (recommended to bring a friend) and click the table with the computer on it in the top left of the building.

Sophie Pearson.png

Sophie Pearson

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep
Sophie Pearson location.png
Location: Follow the river at center of map north along the west side until you find her on a wooden dock.
Objective: Talk near apple tree, salvage Chocolate 3 chocolate.

Infecteds occasionally drop Biscuit icon.png Biscuits, which have a low chance to give chocolate. It is advised to find other chocolate giving sources such as Strawberry cake icon.png strawberry cake and Chocolate box icon.png chocolate boxes, both of which can be found in vending machines as well as some set locations (it's worth leaving the area to find it and then restarting the quest when you have good chocolate giving items). Go north past Tiscornia park and northwest to the memorial statue. Talk to Sophie.

Amber Reid.png

Amber Reid

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep, Bow icon.png Bow
Amber Reid location.png
Location: On the long bridge at the eastern pond, just beyond Emmett's lab.
Objective: Salvage Wood 20 wood and Rope 10 rope.

Zombies will occasionally drop Rope icon.png rope or Wooden plank icon.png wooden planks (mostly rope). Pick up any Guitar icon.png Guitars you find, as they give both wood and rope. There are some set rope locations nearby: one is to the west, north of Emett's side quest building. Another is to the north east, in the house south of the pool, next to a desk (there is also a guitar in this house). There is also a rope along the northeast of the pond by Amber. Another rope can be found right beside one of the broken-down cars by the BiBi-Too Café (which is at the left of the gas station).

Marcy Holden.png

Marcy Holden

Reward: Experience.png 1200, Reputation.png 3 Rep
Marcy Holden location.png
Location: Past the South District, adjacent the Sacramento Public Library on the northeastern side, next to a military truck.
Objective: Kill 20 infecteds. Go through library, talk to her at the south end of the lake. Kill 20 more infecteds.
Colin Brown.png

Colin Brown

Reward: Experience.png 800, Reputation.png 2 Rep, Sausage icon.png Sausage (x2)
Colin Brown location.png
Location: West of spawn, Colin Brown is hiding behind the large rock along the path next to the barn.
Objective: Kill 3 Farmer zombie.png Farmers & 15 infecteds with a Pitchfork icon.png Pitchfork.

You can find pitchforks in the barn, or dropped from infecteds. You can also find farmer infecteds in the area.

Eric Austin.png

Eric Austin

Reward: Experience.png 2800, Reputation.png 7 Rep, Torch icon.png Torch
Eric Austin location.png
Location: East of Spawn, in the survivor's burrow.
Objective: Deal PDM 1.png 2000 fire damage to Infected, then travel to American River's Firecamp.
Cassandra Bowman.png

Cassandra Bowman

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Cassandra Bowman location.png
Location: On the north east side of map inside the gas station, along with her brother, Cole Bowman.png Cole Bowman.
Objective: Salvage Fuel 10 fuel

Infecteds will commonly drop Lighter icon.png Lighters (1 fuel), and occasionally drop Gas bottle icon.png Gas bottles (5 fuel). You can also find fuel, above the gas station, to the right of the gas station, and a gas tank near the entrance to the terrace gardens secret passage.


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  • Working name pre-alpha was "Monterrey Suburbs"