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Resources are obtained by salvaging items in the Survivors' camp or in your inventory. There are 3 types of resources; "Materials", "Food", and "Misc". Materials are used to build camp structures or create things from recipes you've obtained (sometimes from salvaging). "Misc" materials are things like water which don't show up in your stock.


Bag craft menu

Bag crafting

You can salvage items in two ways:

  • By accessing your stock in your camp; resources here will be stored directly in your stock and can be used in the camp.
  • By salvaging items in your inventory by clicking the hammer icon and dragging them into it. You can craft items from here if you have the resources in your inventory. These resources cannot be used in the camp unless you first deposit them into your stock.

Note that you cannot salvage poor, expired, or legendary quality items. Higher quality items have a higher chance to give resources for that item that aren't 100%. You can salvage items that are about to fall apart (low durability), and this will have no penalty.

As you both salvage and craft items, your efficiency in creating those items will go up.

Buying/selling/trading resourcesEdit

You can directly obtain or sell resources in the following ways:

  • You can buy resources from Jeffrey once a day.
  • You can sell one specific kind of resource to Antonio a day.
  • Trade with other players.

Trading resources between players was introduced in V1.19. Before this, the only way to trade resources was by creating items and then trade those. This was very inefficient however, as it often required twice the resources to make the item, and required other resources to make the item.


Below you can find information on various resources as well as how to get them.

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  • In beta there used to be a resource named "Powdered medicine", which never had an icon. This was removed in V0.49, and all items that gave it instead gave medicinal herbs.
  • There used to be a Resource-sewing kit Sewing kit resource in the game that was used for upgrade resource, but this was removed in V1.18.
  • In the game files there is a Resource-37 stone resource which based on it's ID is the 4th newest resource, added after seeds but before alcohol. You could get it from stones, which were removed with the resource in beta.
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