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Quest items are items only used in quests, and otherwise have no purpose. It is not uncommon for quest items to reuse art from other items.

Quest items[]

Icon Name Quest Description
Smartphone icon.png Smartphone Intro "If only I had some network..."
Wallet icon.png Wallet "Pretty sure if I dig deep in that wallet I will find twenty bucks somewhere!"
Food bag icon.png Food bag Proving Yourself "I should bring this back to Collins."
USB Drive icon.png USB Drive The Elusive Madam Jade "I must get to the Delta-9 camp and load it with the intel I can find."
Loaded USB Drive icon.png Loaded USB Drive "This USB key contains important data about the BRP. I mustn't lose it!"
Aspirin icon.png Aspirin The safe room "I should get that back to doctor Durand."
Morphine icon.png Morphine
Ritalin icon.png Ritalin
Whiskey icon.png Whiskey bottle Whispers of hope "This ol'Jack"
Radio set icon.png Radio set "Now let's find a proper CD to play!"
Speakers' set icon.png Speakers' set "I wonder what would happen if I plug a guitar into this monster"
CD German for dummies icon.png CD: German for dummies "Well, it was either that or a Salsa song. Might as well learn German while blowing up infecteds.
This CD has 23 tracks to learn economic facts about Germany... all in german. I hope infecteds will enjoy this teacher yelling at them figures... very, very, very loudly!
Shnell! Shnell!! Ya! Ich bin ein Berliner?"
Gas bottle icon.png Small gas canister No description
Ashes of Anna icon.png Ashes of Anna The rescue "Jared's daughter ashes. She wanted to let them go off the sea."
Anna's pendant icon.png Anna's pendant "Jared gave this necklace to Anna after her mother died of lung cancer. He wants it back."
Helicopter's black box icon.png Helicopter's black box "There may be useful data recorded in there!"
Chlorine tablets icon.png Chlorine tablets "These tablets will be useful for Lakeview's water treatment."
Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge icon.png Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."
Trending CD icon.png Trending CD "That group was very famous before the apocalypse."
Gas tank icon.png Empty gas canister The proof "Jared asked me to fill it with gas."
Gas tank icon.png Filled gas canister "Jared needs this to start the power generator up."
Satellite photo icon.png Satellite photo "These photos from the Weather Centre seems really important."
Placeholder icon.png List of refugees' belongings A jail's safe walls "A list of he belongings with their potential locations.

- Letter : Kitchen, dining hall.
- Wallet : Archive room near the main entrance.
- Pendant : Old library.

PS : Infected may have taken those away."

Refugee's remains Location 1.jpg Refugee's remains "Remains of a refugee who did not manage to get out of prison, during a night zombie attack."
Placeholder icon.png Lost letter "A letter from an ill woman. "I will wait for you". I should bring this to their new camp."
Wallet icon.png Lost wallet "There are photos of a man with his children inside it. I should bring this to their new camp."
Anna's pendant icon.png Lost pendant "A prisoner's engraved pendant. I should bring this to their new camp."
Military Goods icon.png Weapon crate "This crate contains some weapons. That might be useful for Lakeview."
Placeholder icon.png Access Code Safer underground "It's more complex than 123password..."
Canteen icon.png Fresh water filled Canteen New kinds of ally "A canteen that has just been filled with clear water."
Biscuit icon.png Energy bar "A cereal bar coated with chocolate. Perfect for a small boost"
Blanket icon.png Blanket "A huge and thick blanket."

Side quest items[]

These are only used in a side quest, and otherwise have no purpose.

Icon Name Quest Description
Screen icon.png Modified monitor NEO "Sonic weapon prototype made by NEO using a standard television"

This is one of the few quest items that has attack stats (84 damage, very slow attack speed)

Helicopter's black box icon.png Flat battery Wanahton Reeves "[Quest Item] This battery can be used to unload a machine's electric surplus"
Helicopter's black box icon.png Overloaded battery "This battery has been charget with the generator's surplus. Use electric weapons will drain the energy from it"
Taser icon.png Voltmeter "[Quest Item] This voltmeter is automatically gathering data when using electric weapons."
Materials crate icon.png Water bottle box Dr. E. Pollick " [Quest Item] "
Panda plush icon.png New panda plush Walker River dog renown quest (Plush)
& Highway 99 dog renown quest (Road)
"A panda plush still in good shape, that just need to be chewed."
Blanket icon.png Silky towel Sunset Mall dog renown quest (Bath) "A towel designed to dry anything."
Golf ball icon.png Brand-new golf ball Sunset Mall dog renown quest (Golf) "A brand new golf ball, the perfect thing to play."
Sewing equipment icon.png Sewing kit Mazon College dog renown quest "Sewing material, the best thing to repair any kind of fabric."
Aspirin icon.png Antiseptics Highway 99 dog renown quest (Prison) "[Quest Item] Some antiseptics and a bandage roll to perform first-aid."