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The quality of an item affects it's stats and how long it will last. If an item has a skill, higher quality will also increase the number of uses it initially has.

  • Qualite 4.png Exceptional
  • Qualite 3.png High
  • Qualite 2.png Good
  • Qualite 1.png Average
  • Qualite 0.png Poor / Expired


Qualite 5.png

Legendary items don't have a listed quality (like average items), but they do have an orange tab on the icon's top-left (like normal quality items), and unlike other items, their name actually appears in orange, and this quality is mostly unrelated to other qualities. These items cannot be salvaged or forged.

Finding items[]

Where you find an items affects it's potential quality.

  • Items that are visible and are outside are very often poor.
  • Items found in a container outside are generally poor or average.
  • Items that are visible and inside are generally poor or average.
  • Items found in a container inside are generally average.
  • Items found in a safe are generally average+ and often has rarer items.
  • Items found in a secret area are generally average+
  • Items found in a secret area resource crate are never[Confirm] poor, and have a 50% chance of being better than average, and also often has rarer items (or even items exclusive to these crates).


The following things are impacted by item quality:

  • Damage / speed
  • How quickly an item wears out.
  • How much stamina an item burns.
  • Poor / Expired cannot be salvaged
  • When salvaging, higher quality items have a better chance to give resources that aren't always awarded. (ex: an item might have a 50% chance to give a resource, which at exceptional could be a 90%).
  • The chance to get bonus effects of the 2nd weapon when forging.
  • The higher the quality, the higher the buffs for foods when using in campfire.