Precious ore, as it's name suggests, is one of the rarer resources in the game, as the items it belongs to are either rare or have a low chance of giving ore.


The best source of precious ore is Jewelry icon Jewelry; while it has no 100% locations, it's an uncommon item found in normal containers such as trash/recycling, desks, shelves, boxes, and Locker (green) Locker (gray) lockers. While they don't give ore reliably, Dumbbell icon Dumbbells are a decent source of ore as they have set locations in various zones making them farmable. Fountain pen icon Fountain pens are very common, and have a respectable chance to give ore. Kukri icon Kukri aren't terribly uncommon to find in containers, so these are also a good source when found (always give 1 ore), and Trophy icon Trophies can be found fairly easily (especially in the lockers). Guns are also a good source, and are commonly found in Gun bag gun bags.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
2 (low %) Hard drive icon Hard drive
2 Liquid Nitrogen handgun icon Liquid nitrogen handgun
2 Materials crate icon Materials crate
2 Military Goods icon Military Goods
1 + 1 (50%) Jewelry icon Jewelry
1-2 [Confirm] Upgrade kit
1 (50%) Abstract sculpture icon Abstract sculpture
1 (10%) Blowtorch icon Blowtorch
1 (good %) Busted microwave oven icon Busted microwave oven
1 (50%) Dart gun icon Dart gun
1 (50%) Dumbbell icon Dumbbell
1 (? %) Fountain pen icon Fountain pen
1 (low %) Golf ball icon Golf ball
1 Katana icon Katana
1 Kukri icon Kukri
1 (?%) Mace icon Mace
1 (50%) Magnum icon Magnum
1 (50%) Semi-automatic pistol icon Semi-automatic pistol
1 (50% chance) Silencer gun icon Silencer gun
1 (high %) Steel sword icon Steel sword
1 (low %) Taser icon Taser
1 Taser gun icon Taser gun
1 (50%) Tiny Revolver icon Tiny revolver
1 (low %) Trophy icon Trophy
1 (low %) Trumpet icon Trumpet
1 (low %) Fireman axe icon Fireman Axe
1 (low %) Pot icon Pot


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