Plastic is a common resource mostly used for weapon recipes (especially flare guns and combat knives).


A great zone for collecting plastic items is the Sunset Mall, specifically the toy shop (large amount of board games and 2 plastic swords). The mall also has a good amount of watering cans and other plastic items, but they take some wandering around to find. Screen can also be a consistent source of plastic with 4 each.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10?% Materials crate icon Materials crate
5 (x2) Plastic Sword icon Plastic Sword
5 Baton icon Baton
5 Board game icon Board game
5 Mannequin leg icon Mannequin leg
5 Watering can icon Watering can
4 Game console icon Game console
4 Screen icon Screen
3 Bleach icon Bleach
3 Bucket icon Bucket
3 Candy dispenser icon Candy dispenser
3 Earth globe icon Earth globe
3 Electrical Nightstick icon Electrical Nightstick
3 Gas tank icon Gas tank
3 Hoover stick icon Hoover stick
3 Ice machine icon Ice machine
3 Mannequin arm icon Mannequin arm
3 Plunger icon Plunger
3 Wand icon Wand
2 Air conditioning icon Air conditioning
2 Alarm clock icon Alarm clock
2 Bowling skittle icon Bowling skittle
2 Camera icon Camera
2 (x0-1) Drinking water bottle icon Drinking water bottle
2 Fire extinguisher icon Fire extinguisher
2 Football icon Football
2 Game controller icon Game controller
2 Keyboard icon Keyboard
2 Milk bottle icon Milk bottle
2 Shears icon Shears
2 Soccer ball icon Soccer ball
2 Taser icon Taser
1 Baby Food icon Baby Food
1 Banana juice icon Banana juice
1 Baseball glove icon Baseball glove
1 Billard cue icon Billard cue
1 (0x-1) Bottle of dirty water icon Bottle of dirty water
1 Bowling ball icon Bowling ball
1 Boxing gloves icon Boxing gloves
1 Butter knife icon Butter knife
1 Chair icon Chair
1 Combat knife icon Combat knife
1 Flare gun icon Flare gun
1 Foam hand icon Foam hand
1 Fountain pen icon Fountain pen
1 Frisbee icon Frisbee
1 Garden chair icon Garden chair
1 Golf ball icon Golf ball
1 Golf club icon Golf Club
0-1 Grape juice icon Grape juice
1 Laundry detergent icon Laundry detergent
1 Mayonnaise icon Mayonnaise
1 Orange juice icon Orange juice
1 Peach juice icon Peach juice
1 Pasta package icon Pasta package
0-1 Pear juice icon Pear juice
1 Pet Food icon Pet food
1 Pot icon Pot
1 Remote control icon Remote control
1 Rubik's cube icon Rubik's cube
1 Sanitized water bottle icon Sanitized water bottle
1 Scotch icon Scotch
1 Shampoo icon Shampoo
1 Small milk bottle icon Small milk bottle
1 Small water bottle icon Small water bottle
1 Soda bottle icon Soda bottle
1 Toilet brush icon Toilet brush
0-1 Tomato juice icon Tomato juice
1 Toy car icon Toy car
1 Umbrella icon Umbrella
1 Vinegar icon Vinegar


Kitchen stove Kitchen stove - Add to cook fire for 2 Fire fire.

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