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Zone Salvageable Location
Sacramento Suburbs Never In a shopping cart. Got north east of the medical compound, and find it to to east of the truck.
Mazon College Never There are 2 in/around the southern most house on the east side. The first is in the kitchen, and the second is to the east of the house on the outside.
Sunset Mall Never There are three in the grocery store in the north west of the mall. One on a shelf, one right below it on the ground, and one in the shopping cart nearby.
In the frozen food store south east of the garden (around halfway across).
Arizona Jurassic Museum Often North east most house on a shelf.
Usually Inside of the diner secret passage on a shelf as soon as you enter the diner through the back.
Blue Mesa Rarely/Never In the house on a shelf adjacent to the gas station along the first road
Sometimes In the safe room on a shelf just after climbing down the stairs in the gas station house