For the item, see Paper (item).

Paper is a very easy to collect resource due to the large amount books give. It's main use is for making Blueprint icon handmade blueprints. Beyond making blueprints, it has very little use in recipes, and is mostly used in research projects or fueling the kitchen stove's fire.


The best source for paper is books, and great sources for books are:

  • Mazon College - the main building has a stack of books in the hallway by the lockers on the ground floor, and there are also many books to be found around the building.
  • Sacramento Suburbs - the library near the south corner, across the bridge and on the west side of the map.
Salvage Sources
Num Item
8?% + 2?% + 2?% Dictionary icon Dictionary
8 Bible icon Bible
8 Math book icon Math book
8 Role Play Book icon Role Play Book
4 + 4 Novel icon Novel
5 Board game icon Board game
5 Survivor's notes icon Survivor's notes
4 Comics icon Comics
4 Kitchen roll icon Kitchen roll
4 People magazine icon People magazine
2 Chocolate box icon Chocolate box
2 Tissue box icon Tissue box
1 Newspaper icon Newspaper
1 Survivalism Handbook icon Survivalism handbook
150% Cereal box icon Cereal box
1 Dog food icon Dog food
1 Firecrackers icon Firecrackers
1 Fish and Chips icon Fish and Chips
1 Paper icon Paper


Kitchen stove Kitchen stove - Add to cook fire for 1 Fire fire.

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