These are generally resource-giving items, or items that just don't fall in another category.

Resource ItemsEdit

These have no practical use other than being salvaged into resources, but some give a much larger amount of resources than usual when salvaged to make up for their otherwise uselessness. Unlike other items, these have no quality, which also means they are always salvageable. They also do not degrade when equipped. These almost always have icons with a cyan background.

Icon Name Resource
Industrial metal piece icon Industrial metal piece 10Scrap metal+5Scrap metal50%
Log icon Log 10Wood5Wood50%
Razor blades icon Razor blades 3Blade2Blade50%2Scrap metal
Screw icon Screw 5Screw2Screw50%
Laptop battery icon Laptop battery 20Electricity10Electricity50%
Battery icon Battery 5Electricity3Electricity50%
Rope icon Rope 2Rope1Rope50%
Phone battery icon Phone battery 1Scrap metal2Electricity?%
Scotch icon Scotch 1Plastic
Paper icon Paper 1Paper
Tissue box icon Tissue box 2Paper1Fabric
Hard drive icon Hard drive 1Electronic component1Scrap metal2Precious orelow%
Jewelry icon Jewelry 1Precious ore1Precious ore50%
Egg icon Egg 1Eggs
Handmade blueprint icon Handmade blueprint 1Blueprint1Blueprint?%
Blueprint icon Blueprints 1Blueprintx31Blueprint?%

Fire lightersEdit

The cyan icon color is also used for some special item types, some of which cannot be salvaged.

A list of all firelighters can be found here.

Icon Name Resource Description
Matches icon Matches 1Wood Matches are somewhat of a unique resource item in that's their primary use is actually for starting fire.
Basic fire starter icon Basic fire starter 1Wood Same use as matches
Fire starter icon Fire starter 1Wood Same use as matches
Advanced fire starter icon Advanced fire starter 2Wood Same use as matches

Resource cratesEdit

Icon Name Resource Info
Farmer's Basket icon Stash of food 5Cereals4Seeds?%1Sugar?%1Salt?%1Chocolate?% Cyan item background
Farmer's Basket icon Farmer's Basket 15Fertilizer15Vegetable10Milk10Eggs5Sugar Green item background
Military Goods icon Military Goods 10Scrap metal5Electronic component5Alcohol2Precious ore10Drinking water?% Green item background
Materials crate icon Materials crate 10Scrap metal10Wood10Plastic?%4Screw?%2Tools?%2Rope2Precious ore Cyan item background
Humanitarian goods icon Humanitarian goods 10Meat10Vegetable10Alcohol?%10Cereals10Drinking water15Fabric50%20Electricity?% Green item background

Meds / HealthEdit

Icon Name Recipe Resource Description
Algae icon Algae Tango Cross1 2Medicinal herb2Fertilizer
Antibiotic icon Antibiotic Tango Cross1 2Medicinal herb
Bandage icon Bandage Tango Tick1 1Fabric 1Fabric?%
Homemade remedy icon Homemade remedy Tango Tick1 1Medicinal herb
Painkillers icon Painkillers Tango Cross1 2Medicinal herb
Splint icon Splint Tango Tick1 2Fabric1Rope
Vitamines icon Vitamines Tango Cross1 1Medicinal herb

Combat relatedEdit

Icon Name Recipe Resource Description
Temporary wood protection icon Temporary wood protection Tango Tick1 3Wood1Rope It won't last long, but it's better than nothing.
Wolf trap icon Wolf trap Tango Tick1 4Scrap metal1Screw
First aid kit icon First aid kit Tango Cross1
Unlike most skill items, this cannot be used as a weapon, and unlike most cyan icon items, it cannot be salvaged. It's only purpose is to use to activate the first aid kit skill on an area (single use only).


Icon Name Recipe Resource Description
Compass icon Compass Tango Tick1 1Tools 1Scrap metal Specifies the direction of a secondary objective
Dye icon Dye Tango Cross1 2Toxic water Used for coloring clothing.

Old/Unused/Unreleased ItemsEdit

  • Camp teleport
  • Money
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