Milk is a semi-uncommon resource unless you have a goat pen, as very few items give the resource, although the amount of milk most items give is decently high and most of the items are decently common (other than Milk bottle and Farmer's Basket).


There are a couple set Milk bottle locations which are worth checking out if you need milk since they are somewhat rare to find in most containers and give a large amount of milk.

It is recommended to get a goat pen as soon as possible if you need milk, as it makes collecting it much easier.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10 Farmer's Basket icon Farmer's Basket
5 Milk bottle icon Milk bottle
3 Powdered Milk icon Powdered Milk
2 Small milk bottle icon Small milk bottle
1 Cereal bowl icon Cereal bowl
1 Hot chocolate icon Hot chocolate


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