Meat is a resource that is used in various cooking and research projects.


The best zones for collecting meat are:

  • Sunset Mall - The "supermarket" (and to a lesser extent "apartment") secret passage has a lot of meat. The supermarket has various beef rib and steak locations, as well as a chicken and hamburger. Apartment has 3 steak and one beef rib location. With both being secret passages the meat item are very likely to be salvageable.
  • Jurassic Museum - it has various barbecues with decent chance to find steaks or sausages, but the best spot is the red fast food building at the south east most area of the map; it has a definite chicken and pizza (sometimes salvageable though not always) as well as a high likelihood to find meat while searching other things in the building.
  • Highway 99 - The are various Grill grills spread around the map.
Salvage Sources
Num Item
10 Humanitarian goods icon Humanitarian goods
5 Cooked chicken icon Cooked chicken
4 Beef rib icon Beef rib
3 Sausage icon Sausage
2 Meatballs icon Meatballs
1 Hamburger icon Hamburger
1 Carbonara icon Carbonara
1 Hot Dog icon Hot Dog
1 Pizza icon Pizza
1 (x1-2) Steak icon Steak
1 Steak tartar icon Steak tartar
1 Chicken sandwich icon Chicken sandwich


Research projects - random values

Camp buildings: