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Mazon College is home to the RATS American football team, as well as one of the only zones with a 3 floor building (4 including antenna). It's also one of the few zones that has a permanent change to the environment (for you) after following the quest.

Secret passages[]

  • Rats' Sporting Goods - From the spawn it is directly south. Go through the building, and follow the path behind it to the chest.
  • Rats Football Stadium - The American football field is directly north of the spawn (although you will have to go around the building). The chest is in the north corner of the field. It's also a good idea to check the lockers in the field, as like most secret passages items found within it are more likely to not be have a poor quality.
  • Elisa Boston (2nd Floor) - From the spawn head to the north eastern most building and enter from along the east side of the map. Go up the stairs to enter the passage area. The chest is in the northern corner.

Side missions[]



Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Glenn location.png
Location: In front of the football field on the north east side of the map.
Objective: Get Pet Food icon.png Pet Food, feed hamster.

Follow the south-east path until you reach a dorm building on the east edge of the map (entrance is on the north west side) and travel to the south west corner room, search the dresser for pet food, and feed the hamster. Go to the east side of the building and exit out the hole in the wall and talk to Glenn.


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