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The Materials storage is a camp building that is used to store more material resources. With each additional materials storage you built, 6 extra storage slot are granted. Please note that all materials storage share the same value of materials stored, therefore if you have two materials storage with a specific items at 10, then you only have 10 of this item, not 20.  

Level Materials Required Storage Cap
1 60Wood 40Scrap metal10Screw 30
2 180Wood 120Scrap metal30Screw 36
3 300Wood 200Scrap metal50Screw 42
4 420Wood 280Scrap metal70Screw 48 (max)


To learn the blueprint for this building, you must find 4 incomplete versions of it in a specific zone. You can tell how many pieces you've found in a zone by clicking the map icon at the top left.

Complete Locations Map:
Highway 99 -incomplete materials storage locations map.png
Incomplete Building Locations
Zone Highway 99, South Fallon 6B exit
Image Locations Previews
Materials storage (damaged).png Southern most area of the map - from spawn go up the highway, the turn south east toward the motel, where you'd find it behind the southern building on the east side. Material Storage incomple 1.png
Head towards the building where you first met Bob Wax (bicycle helmet NPC) on the north west area of the map, and search the large green trash bins to the south of the building. Material Storage incomple 4.png
Head to the survivor's camp (top right of the map) and find it near some junk to the south side of the camp. Material Storage incomple 2.png
In the prison's laundry mat, which is at the north end of the map, north east of where you found the survivor's remains. Materials storage incomplete 5.png


  • Initially there was 5 blueprint locations for this building despite only 4 being needed.