Laundry detergent is a ranged weapon which can be used to inflict PDM 4.png toxic damage on a small area. It can be used more than once.

This item shares a similar function as Bleach icon.png bleach. While laundry detergent can be used twice as much as detergent before running out, it is weaker and impacts a smaller area.

Skill[edit | edit source]

Skill 106 icon.png

Toxic damage +48, on an 2m area

Locations[edit | edit source]

Zone Location
Sunset Mall «Woosh-O-Rama» A laundry service shop west of the mall's parking lot, atop one of the washing machines.
«Jellyfish's large course pool» Northeast corner of the pool, atop a large towel rack.
«Junk shop for survivors» Directly south of the locker row room of the «Greenhill golf».
Arizona Jurassic Museum «Museum - T-Rex floor» Second floor of the building, next to a bathroom sink.
«Devastated picnic area» Inside the shack east of the «"Yummy Caveman"» (the fast-food shop northeast of the map).
The building next to Wanahton Reeves (contains two).
Highway 99 SP - Death Row In the room right before the SP crate.
Blue Mesa Floor -66, in the containment area section - as soon as you take the elevator tube down from the helipad, head north west and find it in a corner.
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