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The laboratory is a camp building that lets you create items which help heal wounds.

Note: at this time of writing (V1.9) you can not currently be wounded (such as fractures and bleeding), so this camp building has little use.


Recipes come in 4 "levels", with high level items requiring more research to learn.

You can learn recipes by salvaging an item in your camp stock (not through the backpack salvage menu).

You will start to master a recipe as you both craft or salvage that specific item (in your camp). Once mastered, you will never fail to create an item as well as having a higher chance of getting better quality items. Note that even when a recipe is mastered, there's still a chance to get poor items, but you will never fail to create the item when mastered.

Recipe Mastery
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4
40 100 250 500


Level 1[]

Icon Name Resources
Bandage icon.png Bandage 2Fabric1Alcohol

Level 2[]

Icon Name Resources
Splint icon.png Splint 4Fabric1Rope

Level 3[]


Level 4[]

Icon Name Resources
Homemade remedy icon.png Homemade remedy 4Medicinal herb