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The kitchen stove is a camp building that can be used to create food out of resources.


Recipes come in 4 "levels", with high level items requiring more research to learn.

You can learn recipes by salvaging an item in your camp stock (not through the backpack salvage menu).

You will start to master a recipe as you both craft or salvage that specific item (in your camp). Once mastered, you will never fail to create an item as well as having a higher chance of getting better quality items. Note that even when a recipe is mastered, there's still a chance to get poor items, but you will never fail to create the item when mastered.

Recipe Mastery

Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4
40 100 250 500


Level 1[]

Icon Name Resources Additional Effects
Apple juice icon.png Apple juice 5Fruits 3Drinking water 2Plastic 2Sugar [Use] Stamina gain +16/20/24/28/32% for 30s
Breaded Fish icon.png Breaded Fish 2Fish 2Cereals 1Salt 10Fire none
Lemonade icon.png Lemonade 6Drinking water 1Sugar 1Fruits [Use] Stamina +24/30/36/42/48
Cereal bowl icon.png Cereal bowl 2Milk 4Cereals [Use] Movement speed +10%
Fruit salad icon.png Fruit salad 5Fruits [Use] Move speed +5%
Small fried vegetables icon.png Small fried vegetables 6Vegetable 5Fire none
Orange juice icon.png Orange juice 5Fruits 3Drinking water 1Plastic 2Sugar [Use] Crit chance +8/10/12/10/16% for 30s
Mixed salad icon.png Mixed salad 2Vegetable 2Fruits 2Seeds [Passive] Resistance +4/5/6/7/8%
French fries icon.png French fries 4Vegetable 1Salt 1Butter 20Fire [Use] Damage +4/5/6/7/8%
Tomato juice icon.png Tomato juice 5Fruits 3Drinking water 2Plastic [Use] Crit damage +8/10/12/14/16%
Pear juice icon.png Pear juice 3Drinking water 5Fruits 1Plastic 2Sugar [Use] Stamina +4/5/6/7/8
Jar of vegetables icon.png Jar of vegetables 10Vegetable 2Glass 5Drinking water [Use] Stamina gain +12/15/18/21/24%

Level 2[]

Icon Name Resources Additional Effects
Rice salad icon.png Rice salad 4Cereals 4Vegetable 5Fire [Use] Stamina +4/5/6/7/8
Beer icon.png Beer 2Alcohol 1Cereals [Use] Pain killer
Bread icon.png Bread 4Cereals 4Drinking water 10Fire [Use] Crit Chance +8/10/12/14/16%
Grape juice icon.png Grape juice 5Fruits 3Drinking water 1Plastic 2Sugar [Use] Physical damage +8/10/12/14/16%
Meatballs icon.png Meatballs 2Spices 4Meat 2Salt 15Fire none
Beef rib icon.png Beef rib 8Meat 20Fire [Use] Aggro bonus +5%
[Use] Resilience +5%
Hamburger icon.png Hamburger 2Cereals 2Vegetable 1Cheese 2Meat 15Fire 1Spices 8Seeds [Use] Physical damage +16/20/24/28/32%
Hot Dog icon.png Hot Dog 3Cereals 2Meat 10Fire [Use] Physical damage +10/12/14/16/18%
Peach juice icon.png Peach juice 3Drinking water 5Fruits 1Plastic 2Sugar [Use] Attack Speed +8/10/12/14/16%
Banana juice icon.png Banana juice 3Drinking water 5Fruits 1Plastic 2Sugar [Use] Damage +8/10/12/14/16%
Salad icon.png Salad 5Vegetable 1Spices 3Seeds 2Fruits [Use] Dodge +16/20/24/28/32%
Mac and cheese icon.png Mac and cheese 2Eggs 8Cereals 2Cheese 1Salt 12Fire none
Small water bottle icon.png Small water bottle 5Drinking water 1Plastic none
Sanitized water bottle icon.png Sanitized water bottle 8Dirty water 10Fire 2Plastic none
Bottle of dirty water icon.png Bottle of dirty water 5Dirty water 1Plastic none

Level 3[]

Icon Name Resources Additional Effects
Steak tartar icon.png Steak tartar 2Meat 1Spices 1Eggs [Use] Attack speed +20/25/30/35/40%
Energy drink icon.png Energy drink 5Drinking water 1Sugar 1Spices [Use] Movement speed +10%
[Use] Attack speed +16/20/24/28/32%
Skewer fish icon.png Skewer fish 3Fish 1Wood 15Fire [Use] Combo damage +24/30/36/42/48%
Sushi fish icon.png Sushi fish 1Salt 2Fish 2Cereals [Use] Stamina gain +24/30/36/42/48%
Cupcake icon.png Cupcake 2Milk 1Eggs 1Sugar 2Butter 3Chocolate 15Fire 4Cereals none
Croissant icon.png Croissant 2Butter 4Cereals 1Eggs 1Drinking water 1Milk 20Fire none
Skewer vegetables icon.png Skewer vegetables 4Vegetable 10Fire 1Wood [Use] Toxic resistance +32/40/48/56/64%
Wine bottle icon.png Wine bottle 4Fruits 8Alcohol 3Glass [Use] Pain killer
Chicken sandwich icon.png Chicken sandwich 4Cereals 2Meat 5Fire 1Cheese [Use] Resistance +12/15/18/21/24%
Raclette icon.png Raclette 8Cheese 3Spices 2Alcohol 20Fire [Use] Combo damage +100%
Carbonara icon.png Carbonara 4Eggs 8Cereals 2Meat 2Butter 15Fire 3Salt 4Cheese none
Fish and Chips icon.png Fish and Chips 4Fish 2Salt 3Vegetable 1Paper 10Fire none
Canteen icon.png Canteen 5Drinking water 2Fabric none
Drinking water bottle icon.png Drinking water bottle 6Drinking water 1Plastic none

Level 4[]

Icon Name Resources Additional Effects
Whiskey icon.png Whiskey 5Alcohol 2Glass [Use] Pain killer
Champagne bottle icon.png Champagne bottle 4Alcohol 2Sugar [Use] Pain killer
Cooked chicken icon.png Cooked chicken 10Meat 15Fire [Use] Stamina gain +16/20/24/28/32%
Cheese omelette icon.png Cheese omelette 4Eggs 2Cheese 15Fire [Use] Crit chance +12/15/18/21/24%
Yogurt cake icon.png Yogurt cake 4Cereals 4Milk 2Butter 2Sugar 15Fire none
Pizza icon.png Pizza 8Cereals 4Cheese 2Meat 20Fire 2Vegetable [Use] Physical Resistance +16/20/24/28/32%
Donut icon.png Donut 4Cereals 1Milk 1Sugar 10Fire 1Eggs [Use] Attack speed +8/10/12/14/16%
Fondue icon.png Fondue 5Cheese 2Salt 2Butter 2Spices 1Alcohol 15Fire [Passive] Cold resistance +100%
Bouillabaisse icon.png Bouillabaisse 6Fish 2Salt 5Vegetable 4Spices 2Eggs 20Fire 5Drinking water [Passive] Toxic resistance +50%
Hot chocolate icon.png Hot chocolate 2Chocolate 2Milk 2Fire [Use] Resistance +12/15/18/21/24%
[Use] Cold resistance +40/50/60/70/80%
Chocolate cake icon.png Chocolate cake 4Cereals 2Butter 2Chocolate 2Sugar 20Fire [Attack 20%] Physical damage +9/12/14/16/19%
Chocolate box icon.png Chocolate box 8Chocolate 4Paper 5Sugar 15Fire [Use] Attack speed +16/20/24/28/32%

[Use] Resilience +10%