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Infecteds (often referred to by players as zombies) are the enemies of the game. There are many different types of zombies in Dead Maze, including some special zombie types with unique mechanics.

Super zombies[]

Loot bag

Supercharged skull

All infecteds can also get supercharged when they die (except Peruvians and bosses), which is shown by them growing in size with floating skulls around them. Their loot bag given is better than normal zombies, represented by its yellow glowing light. These infecteds have all their stats increase (especially HP). This can be deadly on more dangerous mobs, so even when you think you're safe always leave a way out of your current situation. When a supercharged themed infected dies, it has a chance of dropping a clothing item from its clothing set. They are aslo know as mini bosses or big X variant (for ex.: big Farmer, big Catapulter)


When zombies see players, they will get alert and may run towards them. The chance for a zombie to run is dictated as such: ZombieLVL/100 + StratActive/10 + ThreatLVL/20.[1]

Level / Difficulty[]

Infecteds also have levels that are shown by a little circle next to their name, with the color corresponding to quality colors every 5 levels (with rarer = harder, and legendary being the hardest type). The hardest infecteds are generally found in secret passages. Damage also goes up 10% every 5 levels. The higher level, the more exp the give after killing them. Also if they drop loot bags there are rarer and betters items. [Confirm]

Levels Damage
0-4 +0%
5-9 +10%
10-14 +20%
15-19 +30%
20-25 +40%
26+ Depends

Special Types[]

Names listed below are official[2] other than "Exploder". Depending on their aggression towards the player, each special infected also gets new powers.

Infected Health Damage Ability Secondary Ability
~ 500 HP Moderate Pushes other zombies that are near him toward you if it detects you.

They may even push special zombies (including other Catapults).

Stomps and pulls nearby zombie at medium range. Sometime it will receive a small speed boost.
~ 220 HP Low When it reaches 0 health, it will begin to explode with a large radius, which give toxic damage, pushes, and stuns nearby zombies and players if they are caught in the explosion.
~ 310 HP Very Low Dives to nearby player and highly slows the player. Has reduced attack range.
~ 250 HP Low Vomits with a small radius to slow down player and attract nearby zombies.
~ 200 - 700 [Confirm] Low - High Will becomes enraged when player(s) kill 1 ~ 3 zombies if it already noticed the player.

Has 3 stages.

If player(s) kill additional nearby infected while enraged, it will go berserk which will increase its damage and speed significantly, and also gain the ability to dive in and stun player. While berserk (3rd, most agressive stage) it will attack other nearby infected if a player is not nearby. It will also create invisible big area around himself, if player is in this area, they may randomly get stunned for second.

Player may get stunned in this area only if they are far from Avenger (usually when running away). [Confirm]

~ 290 HP Low Calls a zombie (which does not give experience when killed nor drop items). AoE stun player(s) within a small radius. Runs away from players on occasion.
~ 900 HP Low Damage to nearby zombies will be reduced by 50% and the damage will be transferred to the protector as piercing damage. If a player hits another zombie while the protector noticed the player, it will charge to push or stun player(s) with a small radius.
~540 HP Moderate Slows player for 5 seconds by 50%.

Can slow player even if they are far away (running from them, even if they are multyple meters away) but only if they chase the player.

May dodge the player's attack.


Many of the "Special" type infecteds above also have a boss form, which looks like a "Supercharged" version except without the floating skulls. These bosses have deadly attacks and an extremely large amount of HP.

Peruvian infected[]

The Peruvian is a strong infected who wanders the map. Each map has one and only one Peruvian. It does not fit in with any other category of infected as its stats, drops, and behavior are like that of a mini-boss.

Infected Health Damage Ability Secondary Ability
Peruvian zombie.png
Peruvian / Adventurer
Huge Insane Good speed boost with long duration. Always gives a significant amount of items on death, frequently containing rare items.

Themed infecteds[]

"Of course, getting rid of one of them will allow you to pick up particular items, such as firearms on Military Infected or fish on a Fisher Infected! Moreover, it is possible that one of them spreads its theme like an infection, contaminating the nearest objects’ containers. So, find out which ones might hold the resources you are interested in and look for the places where you are most likely to find them."[3]

Infected Health Damage Ability Secondary Ability
Firefighter zombie.png
Low Moderate Inflicts fire status to nearby target, even itself.
Farmer zombie.png
Low Low Inflicts toxic status for 12 seconds.
Nurse zombie.png
Low Low AoE heals nearby zombies (AoE heals one more time upon death).
Doctor zombie.png
Low Low Inflicts toxic status.
Quaterback zombie.png
Low Low Some attacks can knock player back, if they get pushed to an obstacle they will get stun for 3 seconds. Fast (passive).
Cheerleader zombie.png
Low Low
Electrician zombie.png
Low Low Deals Electric damage which can stun player. Toxic resistance.
Soldier zombie.png
Low Low Some attacks can stun the player. Gets small boost from hitting player.
Lumberjack zombie.png
Low Low Negative projection (pulls target towards them, or behind them if the target is already near) Attacks more frequently than most Infected.
Antibacterian zombie.png
Low Low Inflicts flammable status for 20 seconds.
Cop zombie.png
Low Low AoE shield with medium radius.
Fisherman zombie.png
Low Low Inflicts wet status for 30 seconds, sometime inflicts electric status.
Biker zombie.png
Average Moderate Counterattack some hits received
Thug zombie.png
Low Low Chance to counter-attack.
Inmate zombie.png
Fast food zombie.png
Fast Food Worker
Low Low
Cowboy zombie.png
Swimsuit zombie (female).pngSwimsuit zombie (male).png
Attacks drain your stamina.
Tourist zombie.png
Low Low