Industrial metal pieces are the best source of scrap metal in the game, giving 10 or 15.

They are somewhat commonly found by checking the trash / recycling, desks, and lockers. It does have a few set locations however.


Industrial metal piece environment

As appears on the map

Unlike most items, it appears quite different in the map than it does in your inventory; see the image to the right.

As it is a "resource" item it has no quality, and as such all set locations are always salvageable.

Zone Location
Sunset Mall There are two in the construction zone on the east side of the map, to the south of the preschool.
Walker River (removed?)From the spawn, follow the river until you see the second wooden bridge; cross it to west side of the river, and it should be right there.
It's in the far west gas station, in the backroom on a shelf.
SP - Impound lot Along the north most side area.
Highway 99 From spawn, get onto the highway and follow it until you can't go any farther without getting off. The piece will be to the right of a red/orange car with a mattress on it.
When you reached the diner near the prison, go east. After crossing the first road, go north. There will be one close to the silver car with oil dump.
Blue Mesa On a shelf in the «Coppercreek - Old mining town»
Placerville's railway station (adventure) North east side of the map behind an oil drum, near a Gas canister icon gas canister.