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Highway 99, South Fallon 6B exit is one of the harder zones due to the large groups of infecteds that roam the map, especially inside the prison. It features numerous buildings with many infected and rare loot, as well as a refugee camp. 

Secret passages[edit | edit source]

  • Plateau Garage - From the spawn, head east into the hallway of cars. Follow the road northeast and then into the first northern exit you see (past the car with canoes). Keep heading north past the gas stations and gas pumps. At the northern corner, head into the gap between the fences (there is normally a large truck in between the fences). Go north into the warehouse for the crate.
  • Traffic-less Roadblock​ - From spawn, follow the road as usual by traveling between cars. Ignore the parking lot exit and keep following the road. Ignore the next exit with the skid marks and the broken fence and head east onto the field instead. Travel onto the road covered in dirt and start heading north. Keep going north until you see more dirt and a burning car nearby. Exit west and head north west into the bar where you first meet and then save Bob. Go through the bar and exit it from the east exit. Keep going east past the two roads and onto the field where you will find the "Rescaped camp." Go along the fence to east and enter through the two rock faces at the eastern end of this area. Go north to the "End of the road" and follow it to the crate.
  • Death Row - Follow the same path as the refugee camp secret passage, but go north around the bar where you found Bob. Enter the prison complex through the opening you see in the fence. Go along the building until you see a hole in the wall into some prison cells. You should enter the "It's over" zone. Enter, and go through the cells towards a courtyard. Head into the right entrance into the Capital punishment zone. Follow the winding path of the prep room to the execution chamber, where the crate will be situated.
  • Prison Boiler - Go to the prison the same way as described above. Go southeast past the quarantine towards the giant hole, and then northeast through the fence. Go to the eastern corner into the dark room to enter the sp. Follow all the winding passages through the celled areas, the showers, and finally into the boiler room to find the crate at the far south end.

Materials storage blueprint[edit | edit source]

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The blueprints found here will unlock the materials storage (see page for locations).

Map[edit | edit source]

Click to enlarge. Map image provided by Y_sage. 

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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