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Hammers are fairly weak weapons with slow speed, but they offer a strong combo. Their primary use however is salvaging for Resource-tools tools.


Zone Salvageable Location
Sacramento Suburbs Often At the entrance to the laboratory secret passage (but not in it).
Often [Secret Passage] Near the campsite in the railway secret passage.
Bodega Bay Often There are three in the carpentry workshop in the north west area of the map.
Santa Rosa SP - Car Dealership along the north side hallway
Mazon College Rarely/Never On the second floor of the main building, there's a hammer on the desk on the first room adjacent the stairs.
Rarely/Never Just before the stairs to the upstairs secret passage, just outside the hole in the wall.
Often [Secret Passage] In the upstairs secret passage on a table in the room to the left of the one crate is in.
Sunset Mall Often There are 2 along the way to the casino. After leaving the kids' area, the first is in a building with a wooden floor leading upwards off the path; another is in an open blue-floored building along the way to the golf course.
Rarely/Never On a shelf in the supermarket west of spawn.
? [Secret passage] Inside the "Street" secret passage, in the apartments, 2nd room.
Walker River From spawn, head south to the first building you see. The hammer will be on a shelf.
From spawn follow the dirt road south. You'll see a table on the right with a hammer next to it on the ground.
Often [Secret passage] In the "impound lot" secret passage, same building as the crate.
From spawn go south east to the main road and follow it south past the gas station on the right; a building or two down on the right is a house with a hammer
Sometimes From spawn work your way to route 99 (road going east to west) and follow it west until you reach the gas station. Right before it is a red car with the hammer next to it
Same as above go to the route 99 gas station. This time go up to the gas station, and go left and loop around the outside until you find a hammer near the right side of the building.
Highway 99 In the prison laundry room
SP - Prison Boiler In the first cell, on a bed
Blue Mesa Often There is one inside the building next to the gas station along the main road starting from spawn. Then there is another on the shelf in the basement of the same building. There is a third one outside the same building on the right.


  • During beta you used to be able to combine certain items in your inventory to create others; one of these was the hammer. This was done by combining a wooden plank + an industrial metal piece.