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Halloween 2018 was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Dead Maze.

In this event, you must collect pumpkin tokens to trade to Will O' Wis in Lakeview. You can also talk to Will for fun dialog, as well as talk to Irving who is nearby, who will complain about Will.

This event was the first true holiday event in Dead Maze, having a special currency and prizes.

Pumpkin coinsEdit

Pumpkin (currency)

Pumpkin Currency

Pumpkin coins are a holiday currency use to buy things in Lakeview. The only way to check your pumpkin coin total is to trade Will and check the total at the bottom right of the window. It costs hunger to collect pumpkin coins, similar to collecting reputation coins from a drop.

Pumpkin coins can be obtained from multiple sources in the following quantities:

Pumpkin (currency) Source
10 (common)
5 (after first kill)
1 (uncommon)
Bosses (like normal, each boss only drops good loot once a week)
5 (common)
1 (uncommon)
5 (common)
1 (uncommon)
Containers that offer a prompt (such as Fishing, safe, vending machines, etc.) and Secret passages
1 (uncommon) All containers, normal infected drops (both gold and normal), supercharged infected drops (both gold and normal)

You can earn about 50 pumpkin a day easily if you loot everywhere possible. Making a party may increase the rate you get pumpkins.

  • Kill bosses every week. Each bosses is almost guaranteed to give you 10 pumpkins.
  • Kill as many Peruvians as possible (joining a tribe where people call them out in tribe chat helps). They give 5 pumpkins but not all the time.
  • Fish in the fishing spots. They also have higher chances of giving 1-5 pumpkins.
  • And last of all of the above, kill as many infected (especially mini bosses) as you can. If some people like to farm xp and pumpkin at the same time at the usual farm spots at Arizona and Santa Rosa. They may drop 1 pumpkin. If you farm effectively and are lucky it's possible to get up to 40 an hour.


Pumpkin (currency)
200 "Spooky" title
150 Pumpkin (head) Pumpkin head (PBS)
20 Reputation 50
5 Survivor mark 10
1 10Vegetable


  • None of the table or boxes near Will O' Wis are actually collide-able. While this was likely an oversight, it could have also been to make it more spooky as people could walk through it.
  • Kit quality chance has been raised on this update
  • For the first hours of the event, the Pumpkin hat was obtainable through level up, research projects and possibly random loot. This has been fixed.
  • It is possible to get multiple pumpkin loot in a single container/drop, of the same or of different amount.
  • Pumpkin is a fruit but can be traded for vegetables