Dead Maze Wiki

The HUD, or Head-Up Display, are the various visual components on the screen that either show you information or let you access information.

Player HUD[]


  1. Current Symptoms
  2. Chat
  3. Friends button.png Friendlist, Tribe button.png Clan and Café button.png Cafe
  4. Skills given through Items/ Survivor Gear
  5. Active Skill bar and Threat level
  6. Inventory
  7. Resource Place
  8. Survivor Gear Place
  9. Buffs
  10. Task Bar (From left to right: Options, Team Window, Map icon.png Map Info, Survivor's notes icon.png Renown, Clothing Shop icon.png Clothing Shop, Discord Link, Forum and Daily mission)
  11. Character Window (includes current Exp and lvl)
  12. Active Skill bar (4 slots)
  13. Passive Skill bar (2 slots)
  14. Character Info (Exp, Health, lvl and passive bonus throght lvl-ups)
  15. Achievements (Sidequests, Kills...)
  16. Clothing slots for upgrade Kits
  17. Title
  18. Clothes