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The goat pens is a camp building that earns you 2Milk 2 milk resource every hour from when you last collected it. This includes when you are offline, so if you collected the milk at 7:23, you could collect more at 8:23, whether or not you were online during that time.

This structure also shares a unique trait with the chicken coop where it spawns an animal companion in your camp; in this case a goat. This is purely cosmetic and offers no benefit itself.


  • During beta for a couple weeks after goats were released, there was a bug where goats remained even after the owner left the camp. Also during this time, goats would approach players, even if it mean
    t leaving the player's area. As such, it was not uncommon for over 20 goats to be present; all clustered around a player that had been there for awhile. This caused a lot of lag for some players, although many were also a bit sad to see the bug fixed as it was quite adorable.