Glass it a fairly common and largely unused resource. While common, it can be a pain to purposefully collect when you need high amounts for research projects.


These best source is probably Screen icon screens as there are a few spots with many of them all in one spot. However it's also advised to keep an eye out for Blue vase icon Blue vases and Flower pot icon Flower pots as they have a few set locations on various maps.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
5 Liquid nitrogen icon Liquid nitrogen
4 Blue vase icon Blue vase
4 Flower pot icon Flower pot
2 Empty bottle icon Empty bottle
2 Liquid Nitrogen handgun icon Liquid nitrogen handgun
2 Plate icon Plate
2 Screen icon Screen
1 Abstract sculpture icon Abstract sculpture
1 Baby Food icon Baby Food
1 Camera icon Camera
1 Cereal bowl icon Cereal bowl
1 Child creation icon Child creation
1 Formula X icon Formula X
1 Molotov cocktail icon Molotov cocktail
1 Taser gun icon Taser gun
1 Teapot icon Teapot
1 Tesson bottle icon Tesson bottle
1 Whiskey icon Whiskey
1 Wine bottle icon Wine bottle


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