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The gas tank is a ranged weapon that does no direct damage, but inflicts the flammable debuff on a small area. This can be combined with PDM 1.png fire damage to create a large amount of fire damage that can spread to all nearby flammable enemies. Can be salvaged for Resource-fuel.png fuel.

This item shares a similar purpose as the BBQ fuel icon.png BBQ fuel.


Skill 103 icon.png

Flammable, on an 2m area


  • Sacramento Suburbs
    • Near the building that has the stairs that lead to the SP - Terrace Gardens.
    • Behind the north east gas station (top left corner).
  • Walker River - Near both gas stations, two in the north, one in the south one. Following slightly east from the north gas station, there's a oil derrick and next to it another tank can be found.
  • Arizona Jurassic Museum - One in the north-east corner of the «Excavation site».