Fruits is a common but some hard to purposefully collect resource since it has very few set locations (many of which are commonly expired) and most of these spread out.


The best way to collect items that give it is to search everything in a map since food items are somewhat common.

Probably the best source of fruit is from farming as a strawberry bush can give 7-10 fruits.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
3 + 1 Fruit salad icon Fruit salad
2 Banana icon Banana
2 Grapes icon Grapes
2 Lemon icon Lemon
2 Melon icon Melon
2 Orange icon Orange
2 Peach icon Peach
2 Pear icon Pear
2 Pineapple icon Pineapple
1 Apple icon Apple
1 (x2) Canned peaches icon Canned peaches
1 Mixed salad icon Mixed salad
1 Salad icon Salad
1 Strawberry cake icon Strawberry cake