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The fishing rod is an extremely useful tool when fishing. You can fail when using a fishing rod. It can be created in the Crafting table.png crafting table as a level 3 recipe.

Uses until broken[]

Failing also counts as one usage.

# Quality
1 Poor
5 Average
6 Good
8 High
10 Exceptional

Quest uses[]

You need to retrieve one for Jordan Lion's side quest in the Walker River map.


If you do Jordan Lion's side quest, infecteds have a decent chance to drop a fishing rod in a green loot bag.

Zone Salvageable Location
Sacramento Suburbs Sometimes In the south area of Sacramento, go through the library until you see 2 small ponds. You'll find the fishing rod on the south side of the south pond.
Bodega Bay Often[Confirm] In the «Fisher's den» house, following north from the spawn campfire.

How get revenue[]

When recycling a normal fishing rod you have chances of getting the recipe.