Fish are a somewhat uncommon resource to find in most containers, but are easy to obtain by fishing. Primarily used in cooking and research projects.


The best source for fish is by fishing (preferably with Fishing rod), with Bodega Bay (specifically the large lake to the north of spawn) and Walker River being a great source for fishing spots . You can also find fish in Fish tank stand 1 fish tanks (actual fish) such as in the Sacramento Suburbs SP - Apartment and Arizona Jurassic Museum SP - Oasis Diner Entrance - «Ravaged survivor's base».

Salvage Sources
Num Item
4 + 2 (x0-2) Salmon icon Salmon
3 Bouillabaisse icon Bouillabaisse
2 Crab icon Crab
2 Fish and Chips icon Fish and Chips
2 + 1 Trout icon Trout
2 Shrimp icon Shrimp
1 (x2) Skewer fish icon Skewer fish
1 Gudgeon icon Gudgeon
1 Breaded Fish icon Breaded Fish
1 Smoked fish icon Smoked Fish


Research projects - random values


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