Fertilizer is a resource that is mainly used for farming.


The two main ways to collect fertilizer is by fishing and collecting bones. The best source of bones is killing infecteds, but some maps such as Walker River have a lot around the map (although many are unsalvageable).

Salvage Sources
Num Item
15 Farmer's Basket icon Farmer's Basket
2 Algae icon Algae
2 Bone icon Bone
2 Skull icon Skull
2 Infected meat icon Infected meat
1?% Brick icon Brick
1 Crab icon Crab
1 Cooked chicken icon Cooked chicken
1 Pet Food icon Pet food
1 Salmon icon Salmon
1 Shrimp icon Shrimp
1 Gudgeon icon Gudgeon
1 Trout icon Trout


Research projects - random values

Farming - fertilizing crops - 1

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