For equipable clothing, see clothing.

Fabric is a semi-common resource.


Many good fabric items can be found in Locker (green) lockers. Some good zones for collecting fabric are:

  • Mazon College - the lockers in the main building (both floors). Secret passage are the best source, especially the SP - Stadium (both around the field as well as the lockers). The SP - Store also has a lot of fabric items on the shelves in the first room.
  • Sunset Mall - the toy shop, the kindergarten just north of it (lots of pillows and a few plushes and dolls), and the lockers of the bowling alley as well as the «Jellyfish Public Swimmingpool» (fifth room on the left of the spawn) contains fabric.
  • Arizona Jurassic Museum - there is a house south of spawn (down the hill) that has a shelf with multiple plushes.

You can also get a decent amount of fabric from farming (being the only non-food resource you can actually get from farming).

Salvage Sources
Num Item
15 (x0-1) Humanitarian goods icon Humanitarian goods
4 Umbrella icon Umbrella
3 Boxing gloves icon Boxing gloves
3 Football icon Football
3 Pompon icon Pompon
3 Teddy Bear icon Teddy Bear
2 Bar stool icon Bar stool
2 Base ball icon Base ball
2 Baseball glove icon Baseball glove
2 Canteen icon Canteen
2 Dinosaur plush icon Dinosaur plush
2 Foam hand icon Foam hand
2 Octopus plush icon Octopus plush
2 + 1 Panda plush icon Panda plush
2 Splint icon Splint
2 Torch icon Torch
0-1 Baseball bat icon Baseball bat
1 Bedside lamp icon Bedside Lamp
1 (x1-3) Bandage icon Bandage
1 Doll icon Doll
1 High heel icon High heel
1 Golf flag icon Golf flag
1 Large black lamp icon Large black lamp
1 Modern painting icon Modern painting
1 Mop icon Mop
1 Nature painting icon Nature painting
1 Pillow icon Pillow
1 Steel sword icon Steel sword
1 Tissue box icon Tissue box


Kitchen stove Kitchen stove - Add to cook fire for 1 Fire fire.

Camp buildings:



  • In the early release of the game fabric was used along with Sewing kit sewing kits to upgrading clothing.