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There are various elements in the game that both infecteds and players can impart; once afflicted, these will stay for a short period of time.


Buff 72 PDM 1 Fire / Burning
Buff 14 PDM 4 Toxic
Buff 70 PDM 2 Cold / Chilled
Buff 45 PDM 3 Electric / Electrified

Statuses effected by elementsEdit

  • Buff 74 Wet
  • Buff 21 Flammable


Certain combinations of elements with other elements or status can have an effect. The order these are applied does not matter.

Elements Result
Buff 70 Cold Buff 74 Wet Buff 4 Frozen for 5s (Wet cancelled) - enemies can't attack or move, and also take an additional 25% damage on non-critical hits.
Buff 45 Electric Buff 74 Wet Buff 19 Stun for 4s (Wet and Electrified cancelled) - since electricity can travel between mobs, this can stun multiple wet opponents.
Buff 21 Flammable Buff 74 Wet Buff 14 Toxic (Flammable and wet cancelled)
Buff 72 Fire Buff 14 Toxic Buff 72 Explosion (Toxic cancelled) - damage is equal whichever is the highest value between fire & toxic.
Buff 72 Fire Buff 21 Flammable Buff 72 Higher Fire Dmg (Flammable cancelled)
Buff 45 Electric Buff 21 Flammable Buff 21 Spread "Flammable" to mobs in a very large area
Buff 72 Fire Buff 70 Cold None (Fire and cold cancelled)
Buff 14 Toxic Buff 74 Wet Extinguished (Toxic and wet cancelled)
Buff 72 Fire Buff 74 Wet Extinguished (Fire and wet cancelled)
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