Electronic components are a semi-uncommon resource use for some camp buildings and a couple weapons. Due to their low stack amount, have large amounts will quickly take up room in your materials storage.


One of the best sources of electronic components are screens, as they are many zones where they are found in groups, and not many items give more components per item. Screen locations can be found here.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
5 Military Goods icon Military Goods
2 Screen icon Screen
2 Game console icon Game console
2 Electric guitar icon Electric guitar
2 (x0-1) Ice machine icon Ice machine
2 Taser gun icon Taser gun
1 Alarm clock icon Alarm clock
1 Camera icon Camera
1 (50%) Electrical Nightstick icon Electrical Nightstick
1 Hard drive icon Hard drive
1 Remote control icon Remote control
1 Toaster icon Toaster


Camp buildings: